Cyberpunk 2077 – NEW 2021 TV Commercial with Keanu Reeves

TVC for Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 – NEW 2021 TV Commercial with Keanu Reeves

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  1. It was my 70th birthday November 12th. My brother didn't preorder psberpunk but he did give me a great present by saying I could get it myself and by bringing me the DVD Toy story.keanu,the whole film rocked my soul, but you especially did.your voice transformed my dipression and made it mission of the heart to live and love through every adversity and reexperience your gifts and your unique you. Love, Janet Auster

  2. I will become a death laser robot and will bring the AI into the city and watch as the people run screaming into the night as I use my evil laugh soundboard out on my balcony.

  3. CD Projekt: Okay guys so we’ve had to start crunching and we’re gonna get some backlash, how do we avoid it?

    Marketing Guy: Keanu?

    CD Projekt: nods Keanu

  4. This excessive marketing is scaring me. This whole thing is feeling like Valorant 2.0 whereas the company hype the game way too much and in the end it’s good but nothing really phenomenal and crazy. And from the gameplays… it kinda looks to be the case.


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