CYBERPUNK 2077 | New 4K Gameplay & Hands On Impressions

I got to play Cyberpunk 2077 this week, here are my first impressions along with some new 4K gameplay.

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CYBERPUNK 2077 | New 4K Gameplay & Hands On Impressions

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Comment (27)

  1. They have been working on this game since 2013 before the release of Witcher 3 honestly I’m glad it got delayed two times because they care not to mention they said the first dlc there going to add us bigger then the Witcher 3 map that should really tell you somettihg

  2. I LOVE this game and i am for sure going to play the Sh*t out of it but even GTA3 had more pedestrians than this. why? The streets looks so empty, specially for a dense, cyberpunkt style metropolis. This place should be overrun by folk

  3. i wish they would release a demo because I am getting nervous about the quality of this game. Many of the game mechanics do not look very good especially the driving and the fighting seems the same way but the witcher did not have very good fighting but it compensated with a great story and missions and the ability to dive into the combat system like prepping with oils and potions for big monsters which compensated for the poor quality in sword combat. If this game can do something similar to that effect then I will be fine if certain mechanics arent super good. But the constant delays makes me feel like it is in fact these different game mechanics they cant seem to fix and are still trying to get sorted out and if thats the case I do not see how 4 more months could be enough time to fix a poor fighting or driving mechanic or whatever they are struggling with. I do not think they are just delaying for general bugs and glitches. I am excited for the potential of this game but I am at this point expecting something closer to Anthem or watch dogs at this point. Obviously I havent played the game and the final product could be amazing but as of right now I will definetely be waiting for reviews before buying or at the very least actual relevant information about the game. They have been way to quiet so far with how the game will play and and how missions will actually interact with each other and the role of relationships, especially considering the game should essentially be done apart from the bugs they keep fixing.

  4. The concepts that Mike Pondsmith came up with are pretty mind blowing. Prophetic. There’s so much history and lore to the Cyberpunk universe. The foundations are rock solid and you just know CDPR will deliver his vision. This game will be one hell of a ride.

  5. Thanks for the review!, are you allowed to mention which platform you’ve played it for?, CDPR Footage shows from what it looks like Xbox (buttons, etc), but I’m curious about which platform was the demo you and other video game journalists were able to get to play with

  6. I love how adaptable this sounds. That being said, rpgs always scare me in the initial stat building screen, because I never have the confidence to walk in with a clear enough build, and always spread my stats to be a milky balance. Do they have (or hopefully will they implement) some sort of “suggested builds” that you can then tailor? I would love it if I could choose an archetype suggested “whatever” (stealth, charmer, brawler, etc), and then tweak from the recommendations


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