CYBERPUNK 2077 NEW Gameplay 20 Minutes (No Commentary)

Cyberpunk 2077 4K Gameplay – From the recent preview event.
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CYBERPUNK 2077 NEW Gameplay 20 Minutes (No Commentary)

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Comment (37)

  1. I’m so happy I didn’t buy this game, over a million people regretted it. Even gta 4 is better, here is proof. Literally even watching this, this game looks like some 2030 cartoon. Plus why is there a random echo sometimes randomly??? The face looks like some robot face as well.. no offence Cyberpunk developers, but I feel like you did not put much work/effort into it. :/

  2. it doesn’t look BAD but it for sure doesn’t look like anything groundbreaking…. i’m sure the fact that it was overhyped for 8 years doesn’t help much either. we were all expecting a rockstar style game, on-par with the quality and gameplay of gta v or rdr2 – our expectations were not met.

  3. I see the driving physics in the game are like 2005 nfs driving, why won’t gaming companies make realistic driving the norm for any up comings games. Totally ruins the game


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