Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.23: PS4/Pro vs PS5 – Ready For PSN Store Comeback?

After being delisted from the PSN store in December 2021 due to stability issues, Cyberpunk returns for digital purchase on PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5. It coincides with a new patch 1.23, promising a slew of key fixes – all tested here against the last patch 1.20. Tom compares the performance between each.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.23: PS4/Pro vs PS5 – Ready For PSN Store Comeback?

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Comment (37)

  1. Don't know what they did in the .23 but I was able to pump the quality to high ultra and still keep my frames in a 1060.

    Just a reminder that 6 months was enough to not deliver the Bethesda level trash we got.

  2. Meh…even if it ran well, it was far from the startlingly detailed and vibrant yet gritty living city packed with unique encounters, rich side missions with unique mechanics and profoundly impactful gear, guns and mods systems with customization to match. It's just an alright FPS set in a world at odds with itself.

  3. I'm not that sad of the sheer amount of bugs but what I feel betrayed is in ALL they promised a "TRUE OPEN WORLD GAME LIKE NO OTHER" they literally cut EVERYTHING Out Everything!

  4. are we ever going to get a proper cyberpunk rpg? this is just ridiculous. was once my most anticipated game of all time and i trusted them so much after the witcher now it's just a steaming pile of shit.

  5. I mean, the game is still barely average on the PC….no AI NPCs, lame level design, a boring city, missing content and RPG elements from 2006. So if this is on PSN Store it should be a £10 game. I'm not even kidding. Playing this on PC, it's an average game.

  6. Honestly, CDProjektRed would benefit from exclusivity. This game is a perfect example of spreading yourself thin. Unfortunately, both Microsoft and Sony BOTH made the release of this game a total NIGHTMARE with the mid-gen refresh.

    Now, Im not a developer or a programmer so I cant speak from experience, but it would make perfect sense to me this was the primary reason for all of this. I dont know how easy it is to port a game, whether its just a matter of, say: Adjusting settings as you would on a PC to find that balance for your PC hardware and then "okay, this works, burn it to a disc". But, again, thats the problem. CDPR had too platforms the game was going to which divides your attention rather than focusing on ONE place and putting all your efforts into creating your original vision, right? Thats the problem and the benefits these days of being acquired by one if the big three or, as much as console fans would hate it, staying even a PC exclusive, which is tough because PC is just as scattered with gamers only being able to afford a certain rig that limits your sales but, this gen was just too ridiculous: PC, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4, PS4 Pro, etc. Would he interesting to see if they really try and go for a Switch version once theyve milked the current gen crowd. We'll see but, if CDPR really has that kind of talent, console exclusivity, this apparently would show is their greatest ally.

  7. I feel like the PS4 version should have been its own game, you know how like back in the day the Wii etc would get the same titled game, but it was totally different but still good, dead space on the wii comes to mind, Cyberpunk could have been a 3rd person game on PS4 and scaled back to GTAV levels, which would have been still better than the shit show that we got.

  8. I finished this on the ps5 before I sold the console to my friend. I now have pc and I actually feel like buying this again. Idc what people say it’s still a ‘good’ game don’t get me wrong tho, just cause it didn’t live up to people’s expectations and cure world hunger and poverty dosent mean it can’t be a ‘good’ game.

  9. I have now played around 35 hours on Ps5 and have to say I love it. It is one of the most immersive games I have ever played. And it is absolutely playable. I never glitched under the map or had huge animation- or performance issues. Sometimes a 0 health bug occures but it can be fixed easily by reloading the last safe. Only one quest was buggy but I looked it up on YouTube and found a way around it pretty quickly. Overall a fantastic game. I can't say anything about the ps4 or ps4 pro version

  10. This should have been next-gen only. For people saying "Oh they can't do that because not everyone has a good PC or next-gen console", bullshit. At some point you have to stop making games for the previous generation; if you're making something truly ambitious, surely in this specific scenario it calls for requiring the proper hardware.


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