Cyberpunk 2077 PC: What Does Ray Tracing Deliver… And Is It Worth It?

Hardware accelerated ray tracing can prove transformative to the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 in many scenarios, but equally, its effects can be more subtle elsewhere. In this deep dive analysis, Alex Battaglia tests every ray tracing effect in the game and shows you exactly what they do. This work is worth factoring in when considering optimal settings, something Alex describes in depth here:

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Cyberpunk 2077 PC: What Does Ray Tracing Deliver… And Is It Worth It?

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Comment (20)

  1. Well it seems RTX is more for developers rather than players , as players only care about game that runs good and has good physics and looks good enough , people are happy with New COD or GTA V graphics too.. the graphics for Cyberpunk are still good enough without any RT effects at all…

  2. One great thing about RT as a whole- It makes us re-examine Graphical Context versus Graphical Fidelity
    We are approaching a point where the Fidelity will become a moot point 8k 60+fps and we are basically at a point where the technology will be past what human eyeballs are capable of seeing except on large format displays, there is def. a point where monitors will tap out all they can offer. At that point VR will be the successor to traditional monitors and by then in the future at the rate they are progressing I don't see VR having the downsides as it does now like thick and bulky as well as LCD density and field of view are merely challenges to eventually be overcome with time, just like the lenses that Biconvex instead of Fresnel are starting to reach a parity on price due to manufacturing overcoming traditional hurtles.

  3. the video is really good, but if you actually play the game and not watch for minute details, there is basically 0 perceivable difference, not sure if its a praise to CDPR for raster or a minus to raytracing 🙂

  4. I dont know .. with RT on my 3080 and R5 5600x are just barely getting between 70-80fps, which is… ok i guess. But I love having fluid 120-140 fps all ultra with RT off. Just feels right. Unresponsive jittery mouse, kills it for me.

  5. if you wouldn´t point out what the differences are, I would not have recognized it… Raytracing is to overhyped. It should be given to the customer as a bonus, instead of major breakthrough. DLSS is much more interesting then Raytracing.

  6. Idc what cdpr excuse is for there is none but a piss poor excuse . Watchdogs legion has better RTX and you can actually see your characters REFLECTION !
    That game game out a whole few months before cyberpunk . Seriously What the hell ?

  7. Its cool when you look close enough and the tech is impressive, but the effects are too subtle in my opinion and i feel like we could sacrifice ray tracing for some other improvements until the hardware is fully ready. One thing that kills ray tracing too though is when you're in motion, a bunch of black artifacts start to appear around the edges of objects


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