Cyberpunk 2077 PREREVIEW | Tim Rogers | Kotaku

Tim Rogers Pre-Reviews Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 PREREVIEW | Tim Rogers | Kotaku

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  1. twitter user @ louderup pointed out that the game awards game of the year 2016 was OVERWATCH, not UNCHARTED 4. i was going purely by memory and i now realize i did not actually watch the game awards in 2016. i'm sorry . . . i had something interesting to do that night. HOWEVER!!

    HOWEVER! if i had gotten it right, that would have given us a day number of 106! which is cyberpunk 2077's release original date! i feel like a fool!!!!!!!!!! oops

  2. "listen to me, my two decades of
    experience in the video game industry has given me an immunity to hype"

    yanks collar, lets out steam sound effect. oh, sorry, that was a stage direction.

  3. this is why we need harsh punishment for gaming company that scam people like cdprojerk, we must put an end to deceptive marketing and false advertising in game industry

  4. People are acting like Tim will mind holding his hand up to missing the mark on this one? I don't know him, but the guy seems very willing to laugh at the times he's been wrong.

    You haven't caught him out for being a pompous ass, you are one for coming here to point out he said something wrong.

  5. "What game paints a more realistic picture of a possible 2077 America? – Death Stranding" Well, it was 2020 just like Cyberpunk corporations. Nostragamus tried to predict 2077 but hit 2020, he's becoming too powerful.

  6. Considering how hyped everyone was (except for me because I wasn't too interested in it, though I paid attention to everything because I love observing events like this), and considering the final product and the reaction of said hyped "everyone"; let's just say I'm really looking forward to the Action Button review of Cyberpunk 2077 simply because of how interesting this situation is, and interested in how different his opinion is of it when the video releases will be.

  7. i love… i truly love how this has curdled like milk.
    i harbor no ill will towards tim rogers and genuinely wish him the best. seriously, love your work.

    but this schadenfreude is so unfortunately delightful, that its hyped me up for the real review.


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