Cyberpunk 2077: PS4 vs PS4 Pro Frame-Rate Tests – Can Consoles Run Cyberpunk?

At last, the question can be answered: can consoles like PS4 or even PS4 Pro run CDPR’s latest RPG epic? At least, well enough? Ahead of more coverage on Xbox One machines, we pick apart the opening 3 hours to figure out how image quality is handled, and whether frame-rates hold up well enough to enjoy it – with some surprising results.

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Cyberpunk 2077: PS4 vs PS4 Pro Frame-Rate Tests – Can Consoles Run Cyberpunk?

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  1. I feel less bad about getting a 3060 instead of waiting for a 3070 now. At 1440p ultra settings with rtx set to ultra and dlss set to quality it gets over a stable 30fps consistently. Drop a few settings to high and put dlss to balanced and its a consistent 40-60fps. Can easily get over 60fps consistently on ultra without rtx on also.

  2. This video is terrible. I need to point out, Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles did not look that bad. In fact, it’s hilariously hypocritical how once you claimed they were visually stunning, but now, you are using them as examples of: “what bad graphics look like.” Are you serious? Who compares apple to oranges and grapes to pineapples? We are talking polarizing differences in ALL of the hardware you guys have mentioned in this video! Stop comparing consoles to pc, they are not the same thing! They aren’t even in the same ballpark! Yes, they use a lot of the same hardware but they are not built the same way, thus, they do not function a like! I own an Xbox one S and I have a mid high end 52 inch 4K tv with HDR10+. The game just does not look as-bad-as you people are making it out to be! It is not the consoles, but the trash game CDPROJEKT RED tried to dupe us on! The game had been in development for eight years, reset, and pushed back numerous times. Furthermore, we all know those $2,000 dollar PC’s look better, they ought too! The point of consoles is to get that quality without spending stupid amounts of money on a rig strong enough to push through a games crap design!


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