Cyberpunk 2077 Rap – I´m A Netrunner ✮ Cyberpunk Special 2021 ✮ Tribute – Fan Content

We all have a hard time waiting for the Cyberpunk 2077 release. Trying to endure the PAIN xD I had the urge to be creative and this little track turned out as a result. My editing and rap skills are not that evolved, but I hope you still like it, despite of the flaws.

Video Editing and Vocals / Lyrics: VrKirito aka MTL (Mental)

Beat by: Ronan Trace

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Contact: info[at] // Discord VrKirito#1828

#vrkirito #cyberpunk2077 #ronantrace


Thanks to Ronan for letting me use the beat to make this track! Visit his Soundcloud Profile / Twitter and show some love. He has some very nice beats there!

Thanks to my choombas out there watching this video! Hang on tight, September is coming!

Thanks to CDPROJEKT for the awesome games they gave us so far and for developing Cyberpunk 2077!

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« Part I:

I’m a netrunner
Hacking electric nodes
Broad daylight to nocturnal
Weavin magic blood spells
Infect your Kernel
Critical hits and then Bliss gets eternal
You heard no
Flow like this
Abyss Blitz Spits Inferno
whine like divine goddess Virgo

In-jecting Exploits
Hi-jack your Hitpoints
Deep dive infiltrate your midpoint
Head to your hip joints
12 to 6 points

Analyze your composition
Deep dive mission
Deep flow – additionally
Remote transmission
Superstition Like Hollow Earth expedition
My mind state condition
Fiber glass glissenin
Cyber Punk Magician


I´m a glitch in the matrix
My mind plays tricks

Day Trips re-processingI´m a netrunner

Part II:

Cybernetic souls unda pressure
Instinctively instinct your data,
vividly Measured

Breathtaking, like Zeta Reticuli
death awakening

Neon lights pretty
Driving through night City

Scanning corp activity
Cyberpunk Divinity

Reflexes maxed out
Blade speed infinity

Sniffin n diggin deep
Sneak into weak Networks
right into your ears – like
That´s how this Track works

Cyberpunk 2077 Rap – I´m A Netrunner ✮ Cyberpunk Special 2021 ✮ Tribute – Fan Content

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