Cyberpunk 2077 Reveal (2018) vs Retail (2021) | Direct Comparison

Direct visual and feature comparison of Cyberpunk 2077 ‘s original gameplay reveal in 2018 and the final retail product released in 2021.

This product was provided for free by GOG – an owned subsidiary of CD Projekt. Everything discussed in this video is from my own personal experience with the title in its current state on the PC platform.

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If you download GOG, you’ll unlock some extra content for your in-game character. More info can be found here:

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Cyberpunk 2077 Reveal (2018) vs Retail (2021) | Direct Comparison

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  1. Only reason I bought this game, was because I was expacting what I saw in the 2018 trailer. I thought I was going to see V in that 7:48 scene. CDPR cut that and the wardrobe she is wearing in that scene.

    Oh yeah why did you skip the part where Fem V wakes up after a romance with a random dude? You should of mention how they removed that scene.

  2. If only we got the demo version with the retail polish as the final version of the game that came out Dec 10th, you would have your game of the decade right there.

  3. Considering how we got shafted with the E3 to Retail differences in the past few years (Anthem, Watchdogs, Division 1-2, etc.) I think this is a breath of fresh air. The game looks a lot more crisp and near identical to the E3 version (which is usually not the case). They had some changes true, mostly having to do with tech difficulties (like wall running, they couldn't make it work well enough, netrunning got a bit simplified) and some design/direction changes. But thats to be expected, thats how game develompent goes. All in all I'm happy how it turned out.

  4. Ummm i hate to say that but no one can deny :
    A very weak Game content , a flat textures , bad physics , worst gameplay , a bunch of glitches and bugs
    Hold on I'm talking here about Cyberpunk 2077 , I have never seen before a silly game like a this, what a great Failure CDproject :_(

  5. To be fair the intersection was PACKED as hell in my game. I was blown away. I am also using an old alienware Alpha R1 core i3 with a custom 860m overclocked 12g ram. 200 hours of gameplay it's my favorite game ever other than skyrim.

  6. bullshit CPDR, ultrawide users have a UI bug cutting of tutorials from the screen! the game can be played normally on 32:9 but the menu, character customization, shops ETC are only rendered at 16:9 and thus cutting off parts of the screen, evident during hacking game.

  7. Long story short: visuals GREATLY improved, though several game mechanics removed :/

    Still having a TON of fun with this game, one of my favorite of all time.

  8. Basically, having rewatched this trailer, most of what's in that trailer, is no longer in the game. They call that an early work in progress version, but it seems far more complete than the finished article! Seems to me, the finished game is more like an Alpha build than the 2018 trailer.

  9. I dont know what keanu feel when he see this game lol. So much energy when he promote this game but a fail dev who has issue of work time for their employe and the result will be remember as a bad game :v

  10. The point: Ok, stunning detailed graphics and scenery design but Cyberpunk lacks very VERY basic things and other important aspects that they promised, I feel truly sad about it… Honestly, I hope to see a new game in some months/years, after all, why not Project Red wouldn't make huge drastic mechanics changes in the game like No Man's Sky?


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