Cyberpunk 2077 – Review

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Cyberpunk 2077 is as uneven and unfinished as it is captivating and brilliant. As an RPG it fizzles, but as an open world action game it shines with the brightness of a million neon signs. Even with its glaring flaws, Cyberpunk absolutely delivers.

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Cyberpunk 2077 – Review

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Comment (35)

  1. Skill up – "cyberpunk 2077 is in many ways, extraordinary", your absolutely right, the awful police AI, garbage civilian AI, terrible AI that ruins generally good combat, barely any branching narratives, almost no mini games, god awful driving, the frustratingly godawful hand to hand combat, no balance with weapons, the story itself being filled with no context like motivation or any reason to hate the corpos, the terrible side quests where only 5 are actually good, and of course, the unforgivable fallout 76 technical state, so in a way this game is extraordinary in just how much of a disappointing disaster this game is

  2. lol as someone who never gave a shit about cyberpunk and barely follows this channel I thought this was a pretty good review. People got scammed by the marketing, so a review that literally spends more time on the problems of the game than the positives is still a "shill review".

  3. 50 hrs in and just now at the final story beat, I came to finally watch this review. This game a year from now with a bunch of patches and fixes will still be as shallow as a puddle with features and fundamentals missing from what cdpr themselves said would be there (corrupt cops you can pay off, trauma team, advanced ai, the vertical play spaces). I can’t believe anyone would think this experience at launch is anything more than subpar. Especially confused as to how this review came from this channel. I understand why people call you shillup now, but I honestly don’t know if it was some industry clout that clouded your review or if it was personal feelings you had about this game. The objective truth about cyberpunk is that the game is technically shallow and broken, the story is underdeveloped and doesn’t explore any sort of large looming theme or question, the amount of ludonarrative dissonance is extraordinary, and the final product is not what was advertised or promised.

  4. I think you have substantially watered down the critique and are trying to save face after your enthusiastic pre-release impression back in June last year.

    I just can't trust you as a reviewer anymore and sadly have unsubscribed. Such a shame.

  5. this review is going to age like shit
    because cyberpunk 2077 is nothing like the game we were promise
    cyberpunk 2077 run like shit the graphic are downgraded choices in game means nothing the open world is pathetic and npc are dumb police are worse part about this game
    many other open world game are better than cyberpunk 2077

  6. So according to ShillUp logic TLOU2 has dumb AI , but I think the dogs have more intelligent and responsive AI than humand and police AI in Cyberpunk 😂😂

  7. Most people sayin that he oversold this game must have seen just the first 2 minutes. Skill up talked openly about bugs and flaws and even recommended to wait a year until it's finished

  8. Red dead 2: 7 years development came out great CP2077: Unfinished engine and 8 years in development with an okay story loads of cut and unfinished content and bugs. Honestly lost all respect for Poland.

    Edit: Red dead redemption 2 lived up to the hype and so should Cyberpunk with all the stuff they said would be in the game.

    Welp time to look to Russia because "Atomic Heart" by 'Mundfish' and "Project: Ill" by '?' look to be really god and have big names behind them like Mick Gordon(Doom soundtrack guy)


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