Cyberpunk 2077 Review – Cyberpunk 2077 PC Gameplay and Impressions

The Eurogamer video team have only just gotten their hands on #Cyberpunk2077 code, but thanks to the brilliant Chris Tapsell over on the Eurogamer site, and to John Linneman at Digital Foundry, we’ve been able to put together an initial impressions piece on Cyberpunk 2077 ahead of our livestream tomorrow! Read Chris‚Äô Impressions piece for Eurogamer here:

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Cyberpunk 2077 Review – Cyberpunk 2077 PC Gameplay and Impressions

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  1. Just FYI, there was a strange bug with this footage that meant it wouldn't play nice with our editing software, which means you might get the odd audio peak, despite our best efforts to remove them. Sorry about that!

  2. i'm reading a lot of anger etc..C'mon everyone look at that, isnt it great to be alive being able to see and play this stuff. i've been around since the N64 came out and i remember saying "look at how amazing the graphics are" to Goldeneye… XD… Look on the brightside. This is cool.

  3. From seeing the parts where half of the people in a club are all crouching with their hands over their heads in exactly the same way, while half are standing around and not responding to what's happening at all, I think I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the game is what I expected it would be all along (and why I wasn't remotely close to pre-ordering at the price it's on sale for) – a hollow, pretty egg shell of a game that you can stare at for hours, but will break the moment you delve into it.

  4. Guys I'm playing on the Xbox series x version and I understood it's the last gen version. I was still immersed in the game Originally. But after completing many side quests. It really felt repetitive to me. I'm a little disappointed now. The gear randomization is just a bit too much. I dunno how I feel anymore about this.

  5. DLSS settings for PC is a life saver, having the highest graphics possible I was running the game at around or below 10fps, UNTIL I turned on DLSS to either auto, quality, or balanced, this now boosted my frames to 40fps, highly recommend this setting being turned on, coz I can now run both reytracing on the ‚Äúpsycho‚ÄĚ setting, AND same for every other settings being quite literally, the highest possible, and it looks AND runs fantastic !

  6. how about you actually play the game till you believe youve played enough to review it. the amount of times she said something along the lines of ‚Äúwe dont know‚ÄĚ makes it sound like she watched someone play for a few hours and made a review off of it. why the fucks the video called a review if you didnt even answer your own questions by playing it. this video defeats the purpose of a review its an oxymoron.

  7. Check cyberpunks Twitter they’re getting so much hate, and rightfully so. This fucking game is basically unplayable unless your playing on a pc. The base console versions isnt even worth playing its such a joke especially when development started during the base consoles launch. This game was supposed to come out in April, imagine what that woulda looked like. Even ppl on the next gen say the graphics are blurry and bugs everywhere. Man this is such a disappointment im not opening up this game again until i get the series x, idc if it takes till march to get one. This game is unplayable

  8. Between the lackluster game play, crunch, ableism, transmisogyny, transphobia in general, intersexism, and yet more appropriation of ta moko. Yeah nah, a video game's not the hill I plan to die on.

  9. Sounds like a combat heavy game designed without any sort of combat systems or combat loop. Just shooting at stationary targets that just stand there while you shoot at them, and shoot back slowly, I guess. Disappointing.


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