Cyberpunk 2077 Review First Impressions: A Brutally Honest Overview (Gameplay, Bugs, Worth)

Cyberpunk 2077 Review First Impressions: A Brutally Honest Overview (Gameplay, Bugs, Worth). Should you get Cyberpunk 2077? What are your first impressions of Cyberpunk 2077? How does the game compare to other RPG? In this Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay & Hands-On First Impressions video, we’ll be answering just that. This video is not our full Cyberpunk Review, but a First Impressions of how our Review is going, so that you can have an idea with time before you buy. Wiki:

Our full review will be out in a few days after we have put many hours into the game.

00:00 Cyberpunk Review First Impressions
00:18 Graphics
01:30 Pacing
03:40 Atmosphere
04:43 Soundtrack
05:00 Gameplay
06:30 Bugs and Crashes
07:15 The Irony of Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk: Become an urban mercenary equipped with cybernetic enhancements that allows you to perfrom superhuman actions like enhanced eyes that provide zoom and real-time information of your surroundings or equiping mantis blades that comes out of you arms.

Massive World: Enter the massive Night City. Voted as the worst place to live in America in 2077 and populated by 5 million people. With Sky high rates of crime and poverty, it is the perfect place to find your road to the top.

Complete Freedom: By choosing how you want to handle each situation, you can adjust the missions and events to your liking. These decisions also impact the World and the events to come allowing you to creat your own and distictive story.

Stunning Graphics: Discrover the 2077 dystopian world in full detail thanks to incredible deteailed graphics and hand-crafted enviroments that takes you to a new and dark world.

Dedicated Music: Embrace the full Cyberpunk experience by listening to the dedicated music created by iconic bands like Refused that gives life to the in game chrome rock SAMURAI.


OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 10
Directx Version: Directx 12
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8310.
Memory: 8 GB.
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 3gb or AMD Radeon RX 470.
Storage: HDD (70 GB).
Pc Audio solution containing Dolby Atmos required for a Dolby Atmos experience.

OS: 64-bit Windows 10
Directx Version: Directx 12
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
Memory: 12 GB.
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or AMD Radeon R9 Fury.
Storage: SSD (70GB)
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Cyberpunk 2077 Review First Impressions: A Brutally Honest Overview (Gameplay, Bugs, Worth)

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Comment (43)

  1. I was disappointed to learn that this is FPS. I never watched or listened anything remotely related to the game to avoid spoilers.
    I trusted the developer because of the fantastic Witcher series but FPS is a real bummer for me… Can i switch to TPS? Is there a setting? I couldnt find it but maybe there is

  2. * Clickbait! * I'm only a few minutes in, but I feel confident my comment will hold up being this is not a brutally honest review! This is weak and already as soft as one could be in their critique. The only difference is you're not really hyping it, instead you're wearing your little kid gloves and handling it very delicately. * Clickbait *

  3. I have never found a game more disappointing than cyberpunk. It was aligned to be equal and likely more epic than Witcher 3. The AI is SO stupid and broken, immersion is immediately destroyed. Then there's all the missing awesome abilities. Then there is the glitches. Then there's the broken loot system. Then there's the non-existant hacking and cyberspace. Genesis shadowrun had a cyberspace.

  4. Impressive how glitchy and crashy the game can be after all the build up to release it. Feels like GTA with a different skin, without being able to play online with friends. This game is Kinda Lame

  5. I've been playing close to 170 hours of CP2077 and have been loving it! I got 100% achievements earlier today and boy was that journey of doing so sometimes a chore for me but I manage to get them all eventually fair and square! CP2077 for the most part runs and plays beautifully on my Intel CORE i7 9th Gen Predator Helios 300 despite occasional glitches here and there! Most bugs are the 'Haha' funny rather than the 'Oh really!' funny during my experience with it! 9 out of 10 for me and it's one of my favorite 2020 releases if not my number one favorite of 2020! Great video btw!

  6. I just bought my copy of cyberpunk about two days ago and played it a.little bit . I'm playing on my ps4 pro so I wish I had a pc up to par with the graphics so I could experience it properly. Ps4 pro has some framerate dips especially in the city but all in all it's running fairly good I think I'll have fun with it but I will see 🙂

  7. Voiceacting…. "phenomenal" !?
    That's one of the main problems I have with this game. It's some of the worst voiceacting i've ever heard. Especially male V and Keanu…. jesus.

    There's so many lines that sound so incredibly off and doesn't fit the scene.
    Mmale V is just a drsg to listen to… he's trying too hard and sound like Duke Nukem in every single line he is delivering.

  8. feel sorry for all you idiots who are addicted to this stupid 100% unproductive crap! You are escaping real life and reality and have become brainwashed zombies!

  9. CD Projekt lied about everything. Game obviously was not meant for 9th gen consoles. This game is not an RPG. This game does not have an immersive and alive open world, it does not even have a proper AI system. Misleading trailers, polished promotional images etc, those are one thing, lying about every single aspect about your game is another. I have never seen anything like this before.
    Features missing in this game missing, which would make this an RPG:
    – deep, meaningful choices (yeah, nope! Not really!)
    – diverging story paths (nope, not there!)
    – building deep relationships with other characters (nope, not there! Frankly the only character you half-way build a relationship with is your romance and frankly those are lacking as well, especially in variety! There's one straight one per gender and one for gay people per gender…buh, fucking, who! Mass Effect did this better than you CDPR!)
    – Interactive City (not really, you can't even sit on a damn bench unless the story demands it!)
    – City-Simulation that reacts to the player, their deeds, reputation! (Not in the game either, hell the basic AI-Package for the pedestrians and drivers is laughable! Cars don't go around if you park on the road! People run away in a panick if you do double jumps around them etc. etc.)
    None of that is in the game! You see remnants here and there in quests that they showed off over the years, but even there most of those systems aren't working!
    Frankly They lied to us up to release, so IMHO they commited fraud. The bugs are IMHO a minor issue! It is the design-choices, which they probably will not change as they'd have to go back to the drawing board and re-write the whole story etc., that really make this a bad game!
    And how are they gonna fix the fact that your life path literally doesn’t affect your story? None of the character choices make any kind of a “major” impact like they talked about! The AIs are ammo sponges and it takes multiple headshots to take them out. Vehicle control is ridiculous. There’s just so much wrong with the game. There is absolutely no attention to detail. I didn’t have any expectations as such but the game itself is half-baked. I hope it’s not too much to expect the water to splash when I shoot at it? The game released in 2020 and several games from a few years ago are simply better. The world looks fantastic but only on the outside. The only reason we fell to their hype was due to the legacy of witcher 3. CD Projekt release prior to witcher 3 like witcher and witcher 2 were mediocre games.
    Their argument that ps 4 and xbox one are having poor hardware is baseless since Red dead redemption 2, ghost of tsushima and last of us 2 ran much better on ps4 than cyberpunk running on pc

  10. I played 32 / 33 h, the main story and some side quests, the game is a 7 for me at the best… without the bugs…with the bugs it's an 6 , because they said that they developed the game for the span of 7 / 8 years, and that is not true, the game started the most development in 2016 after the ending of The Witcher 3 / DLC…

  11. i actually love that game. fuck the hatepress. they put so much effort in it. best RPG i played since in the last 10 years. leave some love for the devs. hate the management. but dont hate the devs.

  12. In what way is Ghost of Tsushima a better game? Gameplay wise it's less fun, story wise it's not nearly as good, they only thing it has is graphics. But the thing is, the game was MADE for PS4, not for next gen or pc. It's rather simple why the game is not good looking on ps4, the hardware sucks. It's 7 years old and dusty. Ghost of Tsushima is happening in the woods and the mountains. There's no flashy lights all over the place, laser guns. jumping up to the top of a bilding. It's a city of people, rides and gun action. Sword fights are here too but they are minor. Even if I'm playing on ps4 version I'm enjoying the fuck outta this game. Because even if it's not beautiful the story holds up to it. The town holds up to it, the characters are holding up to the hype. There is so much things you can do in this world that it blows my mind. You can't go everywhere that's a bummer, but is there any game that as such a vast world that you can walts in , in almost every room there is? I wanna say skyrim but you have to load everything up. In Cyberpunk there's no loading to go in, ya just do it, the only loading between places is elevators or fast travel. Of course it's a buggy mess, you need actual players to see those issues. Not a few testers can see them all. And Xbox One and PS4 can just not withstand such a massive game, they can't. Ghost of Tsushima is aimed at being beautiful and is optimised especially for PS4, of course it's sad it runs so poorly on old gen but personally I haven't stumbelled on a lower than 30 fps. Worse I got were ennemies warping underground once or twice and game crashes. That's the absolute worse I got. Do I wanna close the game for a crash? Hell the fuck no, too much things to experience in this game.

  13. GTA Online:
    -Can customize your character

    -Can buy properties.

    -Can change your haircut, and change the color from a varied selection of tones and shades.

    -Can change clothes

    -Can make outfits that later you can select in the menu.

    -Add or change makeup, lipstick, eye shadow, and others.

    -Can get tattoos in every part of the body, and you can choose each part to get them separately.

    -Can buy cars, bikes, helicopters, tanks, planes, many military vehicles, etc.

    -Can customize your vehicles in many ways, either for stats or aesthetics, or both.

    Cyberpunk 2077:

    -Can customize your character.

    -Can buy some cars and vehicles.

    -Can buy clothes, but they have stats, forcing you to wear what haves better stats rather than what looks better.

    -Can choose a lifepath that will only matter the first 30 mins of gameplay.

  14. Jesus. 6+ hour movie. I literally can't get through a real movie, why would I wanna watch a 6 hour movie? Let me play the game…. A game… Not a movie…

  15. I wanna point this out dont shit on the dev's also yes this is a problem one of CDPR's senior dev's has been getting straight up death threats I dont give two shits what you were expecting threatening a dudes life is not okay
    But my second point

    If you wanna shit on anyone

    Shit on the marketing team and dev's they hired later into the project

    If they never hired the later dev's the game would've actually been better


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