Cyberpunk 2077 RTX 4K Ultra gameplay – INSANE GRAPHICS!

Cyberpunk 2077 RTX 4K Ultra gameplay! This is Part 3 of my walkthrough. Sponsored by NVIDIA. Played on a GeForce RTX 3090 with RTX On. learn more here:
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Cyberpunk 2077 RTX 4K Ultra gameplay – INSANE GRAPHICS!

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  1. Mans getting over 60fps with it rendering 4k, raytracing, ultra graphics, high textures, meanwhile im getting 25 fps on medium settings low textures at 1080p 😐

  2. I enjoy watching this gameplay with all settings on high. I play my copy on Xbox one S with all effects off and its horrible! I already requested a refund.

  3. I have the rtx 2080 super and let me tell you its impossible to play 4k without dlss, sometimes I have to change between quality, balanced, and performance depending on where i am in the game, like the fps will go from a solid 60 to a 40 then even in some parts 30

  4. Wow you didn't refund the game on the first crashes and bugs? Then bash it on social media? A level headed and intelligent player. Great attitude brotha. Liked and subbed for that.


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