Cyberpunk 2077: The Final Preview

IGN’s own Tom Marks got to play 16 hours of Cyberpunk 2077, and even then it only feels like we’ve just started to scratch below the surface of this massive RPG.

« It took me roughly six hours of playing to reach Cyberpunk 2077’s opening title card. That was six hours of the 16 I got to play earlier this week, and even after countless adrenaline-filled shootouts, compelling conversations, and weirdly abundant dildos, I feel like I only just started to scratch below the surface of what’s here. Night City is dense and stunning, and this mammoth RPG is packed with a multitude of mechanics to explore and a copious amount of choice in doing so. As with any game this ambitious and broad, some parts do shine brighter than others (and the frequent bugs in this still-in-development build made me glad it didn’t launch today as previously planned) – but once Cyberpunk 2077 kicked off in earnest, it clicked, and now I just want more. » – Tom Marks


Cyberpunk 2077: The Final Preview

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  1. This is literally the worst preview I've ever seen for a game. It's like a parody of an IGN review. "I could get lost wandering for hours." "I played 20 hours and still feel like I've explored practically nothing of what the game has to offer." All that was missing was "The city was like a character in and of itself." Yet you spend absolutely no time on how the rpg elements change the game. You didn't mention a single skill. You also didn't even start off with a basic description of the gameplay before telling us about the world and story. It's just a joke.

  2. I play a game for a cpl hours before work so i dont know how i feel about the slow burn until the game gets going. I like a pick up and play type of games. GOW, borderlands etc…

  3. Going to be playing this on the PS4 pro on 4K hdr tv .. after I beat This, THEN I'll buy a ps5. I'll stay occupied with this for now since I wont be giving These bastards 1100-1300 dollars for their ps5 I'll wait till I can walk into Walmart and grab one At Sony's price lol

  4. I for one am glad this isnt the type of rpg that guides you through every single thing. More like a real rpg should be in my opinion throw you in the world and let you fend for yourself.(obviously with a little help). Seems like this guy would rather be walked through the game like a baby but for me that would ruin the immersiveness


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