Cyberpunk 2077: Unlimited Money and Crafting XP Exploit

A quick guide on how to game the crafting system in Cyberpunk 2077 for unlimited XP and money.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Unlimited Money and Crafting XP Exploit

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  1. This may not be a smart thing to do. I hear that the save file is capped at 8MB. going beyond that can lead to your save file corrupting. everything you craft and pick up adds to the save file so something like this might be an issue.

  2. You did the crafting xp exploit wrong. Your supposed to sell a consumable then back out of the deposit box, then hit y & the Back button at the same time. You can then buy unlimited amount of that consumable. Then go into your inventory use that consumable and then disassemble all of that consumable over and over again. With Max Technical Ability you can get the Ten out of Ten Achievement/Trophy within 20-22 minutes or so. Yes I know it’s technically called the View button now, but it’s still the back button to me.

  3. There is another exploit but it is a bit more load and save type of deal is the 20% chance to craft free you can start crafting a purple wep and rolling that 20% until u get a bunch smash em for your best purple if u do not have enough if u do just keep rolling that dice for either inf high end craft mat or money. Hey if u can you can upgrade it to legendary and then do legendary version of this.

  4. Either this was patched or you had some extra components from othe sources making it "seem" like you turned a profit. I had $800+ eddie bought tons of $10 items, did the whole gimmick, sold and had 700 something. This flat out does not work.

  5. You make a lot more by selling the Green rarity insulated jacket. Also, this WILL stall eventually as crafting level 15+ is way to hard to get legitimately with green items and blue is too rare and too expensive and always comes at a loss of profit.

  6. Or alternatively craft rare and epic maxdocs or bounce backs for just common materials and deconstruct them for rare and epic materials and get most of your common materials back to break the economy


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