Cyberpunk 2077: What Happened?

Cyberpunk 2077 has widespread glitches, bugs, and other technical issues particularly on base PS4 and Xbox One consoles. CD Projekt Red has publicly apologized. What happened?
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Cyberpunk 2077: What Happened?

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  1. Company ethics and transparency verses
    Broken, unfinished/unpolished buggy game.

    Weve seen this before. I love how when activision was with bungie during destiny most players stayed even when the company ethics was trash forcing players to buy into dlc… ect ect.

    Sad part is that more players stayed playing destiny than FULLY leave it…

    Same people pitchforking CDPR too… disgusting. Those people lost all credibility too.

    Players dont have self respect if they choose that over a finished game…

    That being said, its about balence or ya know, actually having both. My point is lets not allow these companies to do either by not supporting/voicing out and have them want to strive for both.

  2. The game definitely has some problems especially in my experience with a normal ps4 but I’m not used to super nice frame rates and I personally have a lot of fun playing the game the bugs do suck the constant freezing while playing and crashes when the game first came out were terrible but I love the game and the story and had lots of fun with the game

  3. I bought it on PC and never really had any game breaking issues. I had minor bugs and was able to go through the game smoothly but it is a super low blow, they spent years developing this game and ruined it for console players. At this point, everyone can agree that pre-orders are trash and any new big game that comes out, expect bugs and or game breaking issues.

  4. Any game this ambitious will definitely have some major issues at launch. Nearly every major launch has this problem. It's nothing new. The problem is that people expected more from CDPR. But it's completely unrealistic to expect publishers to be willing to wait once funding after delays starts to go a certain percent past the original budget, even an in house one like CDP; you can't pay people with money you don't have. While you shouldn't have to anticipate a botched launch like this, the sad truth is that the bigger the game, the more likely this is to happen, because the projects almost always go too far over budget. Cyberpunk 2077 is a good game. Great in fact. It just needed more patience, and enough extra income to support proper QA.

  5. I'm pretty sure the release was made under pressure lol the game isnt even complete yet in the trailer there were many things that you were supposed to be able to do that didnt exist in the released game I would say they'd probably add these in updates and fix the bugs and shit plus how can a game with a world this detailed not have water physics or animations at all XD that's probably one of the unfinished stuff i'm talking about

  6. Personally I enjoyed it a lot. I just finished the main storyline on my original Xbox one and while it had A LOT of bugs and worse graphics than I was expecting I am glad I got to play it and I will greatly enjoy playing it again on the series x and actually spending more time in it and doing more side jobs once I get the new console.

  7. I haven't seen any bugs within 30h of gameplay but i need to say that game is not optimised for my pc specs…rx 570 4gb i5 4590 and 8 ram…i can run doom eternal that is much better in terms of graphics but i dont really mind that im enjoying the game and i am in love with cyberpunk…but optimisatios man they are much needed to the game to be perfect. Im fine with the game and i LOVE IT!!

  8. Cant speak for consoles. I play on PC, seen a few graphical issues, but thats all. I believe that CDPR made a judgement mistake, not a malice one. Lets not forget that it is CDPR we are talking about. You know, the devs that gave us damn good games up to now, free stuff and good help if we needed it. Lets not make the same mistake as with Andromeda, and pay them back for the good they did up to now, not burn them for 1 single misjudgement. I get it, bugs, low framerates and glitches suck, but i truly believe that they will do everything in their power to fix this.. And don't compare hem with leeches like EA or Bethcrasda.. Their games have been buggy forever… CDPR's games have not. I know its a rare concept in today's world, but have some patience… You would also have been bitching if they postponed again… And sure, maybe they should have, and showed us why, with footage on consoles.. But thats why their judgement call it was a mistake, You can only call a mistake after the fact. And they know… judging by their apology. Now except that, and stop moaning, will ya ?…


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