Cyberpunk 2077 (Zero Punctuation)

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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviewed Cyberpunk 2077.

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Cyberpunk 2077 (Zero Punctuation)

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Comment (46)

  1. Oh yeah 50 health kits… looks at hundreds of uncrafted meds
    Well umm guess our skills looked different atleast. Cause my dude couldnt do anything but stare at a group and kill them all with a blink

  2. I played this in March and I loved it. Some minor glitches, but for the most part it worked perfectly well. I think the only thing that bugged me was every so often I couldn't pick up an item, but over all it was never anything really important.

  3. I didn't know the story to Cyberpunk, but with a time limit to live with important info in your head is the exact plot to Johnny mnemonic, which stars Keanu Reeves. So that makes sense now.

  4. I consider myself lucky, because I grabbed this game on Steam, and after putting dozens of hours in, the only bugs I've run into are a.) random t-posing NPCs, usually when something disruptive is happening nearby(like me getting into a fistfight), and b.) palm trees that occasionally melt and reform when the wind is blowing. 🤷‍♂️

  5. Although my French is pretty poor by anyone's standards, it made me wince when I was hearing Michelin being pronounced "Mitchell-Inn" by Yatzee. Quite Immersion-breaking, like a bad bug in a high profile video game release.

  6. And now post Patch 1.2, food is even MORE useless. At least I could break down the drinks for cheap crafting parts and flood the market with sniper rifles in order to make money. But they patched that out and literally overnight food became so much vendor trash. They’re kinda useful until level 7 because you can use them for health regen outside combat. But after you get the perks that allow you to Wolverine yourself back to full function, they have no use whatsoever.

  7. I really enjoyed your audiobooks. It took a while to get used to you talking so slowly. I was tempted to speed up play back so you sounded like how I am used to you talking. Go fourth and multiply!

  8. As much as I like Yahtzee and some of the valid points he makes in this critique, I have to disagree with his statement about loads of people "just trying to look busy" statement.

    After playing the game at length, you start to realise the problem is more that they really wanted this game to do a million different things but had to (or rather were told to) cut it down and repackage it to make it viable to sell (because god forbid they leave it a few years before announcing and truly make what could have been an unforgettable masterpiece). The bad AI with cars etc. was more indicative of this kind of open world not being CD Projekt's area, but as far as features are concerned there would have been a lot more if the game had more time (I don't believe for a second this game was in development since the announcement, from what I've read and listened to it seems most likely the whole project was restarted maybe around 2017/18).

    If you play the game at any considerable length you can find:
    1. References to functions that simply don't work (not even bugs, they just simply seem like they've had no implementation into the final product, like the gorilla arms being able to assist door opening).
    2. Fucking countless things that seem like they were going to be made into full fledged features or viable playthrough options but got abandoned or shrank down. I.e. the non lethal stealth mechanics being compressed into a ridiculous single "Make all your weapons non lethal" cyberware modification (and individual non lethal weapon modifications that are thereby redundant), and how after taking down Cyberpsychos with any weapon they're somehow still simply unconscious at the end.

    Those are two very obvious examples off the top of my head, but there's loads of hints in this game that there was more they wanted to do with this product (even the food venders as Yahtzee mentioned or the alcohol availability which seemed like a lot of wasted effort in the end because you can only buy and drink from menus (with the exception of story and side missions). The "The game is complete and just needs polishing" thing they posted near the beginning of 2020 was a complete lie and it's fucking blatant that this game wasn't even what the actual developers wanted it to be.

    The NCPD hustle locations for example are so blatantly more Ubisoft sandbox formula garbage used to pad out the map in lieu of something more deep and substantial and give players a cheap quick way to make money and quick level, role playing be damned (very logical for my streetkid V in a Cyberpunk dystopian future to be doing odd jobs for the damn cops). It's not like there's a few of these either, they're littered through the map and are so obviously one of the only ways to quickly level but only serve to make the game feel shallow.

    This also represents a larger problem with the open world sandbox. The way they handled it was that they made everything very predictable and static (just go from this checkpoint to the next, rinse, repeat); it's not an immersive city to travel through unfortunately. Once you've seen the sights as it were, you'll probably spend the rest of the game fast travelling.

    Overall I still like the game rather a lot. I like the world building, tone and voice acting and I want to see more of it, preferably with that branching story idea actually explored and making your build relevant to the games narrative (you can see hints of this where they allow you to select new dialogue options based on skill choices), and way less of the standard sandbox grindy bullshit. Overall it's definitely not what they said it'd be, but there's still enough fun to be had, a lot in some places; replayability however suffers enormously.

  9. Maybe this was just me… but at least in my copy all the NPCs definitely don't look the same. I ended up taking a picture at one point where after I passed one woman with red hair and a white tank top, I turned the corner to see two of her walking down that street. Looked back around, and caught all three in frame. So of course I had to snap a photo of her… and now I take photos of her every time I see her, kind of like the "Where's Waldo" of this game… except it takes me a lot less time to find another of her than to find Waldo in most books.

    But I 100% agree with you about being forced to use the joystick to navigate menus like it's a mouse cursor. It's lazy development because they didn't want to be bothered to create a different menu system for consoles than the one used for PC

  10. Cyber Twat Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw
    Gosh I love the credit gags, too bad I only found these jokes after months and now have to look out for them when rewatching ZP videos

  11. Please go into the settings of the channel, to the upload defaults, and enable auto-generated subtitles. By having them available even when you have custom subtitles, you make it easier for people to pay attention to what you're saying, because the auto-generated subtitles show the words as you're speaking them, and doing the same thing with normal subtitles would be a much more difficult task which is likely not worth the time and effort, because the auto-generated subtitles also get updated with words from the custom subtitles, and also attempts to include words which aren't in the custom (user-generated) subtitles..

  12. That last like seems unintentionally apt, with all the lies about how the game would be a great RPG, as opposed to a mediocre open-world game with no focus

  13. They've just peeled a lot of potatoes.
    Yahtzee ordered a salad.
    But I think that the worse is…
    they actually promised pizza.

  14. Besides not having a next-gen console, PC rig or become yet another guinea pig for Google's Stadia platform, the main reason I don't want to play this game is because of all the videos I've seen of how embarrassingly wretched the game is when it comes to basic physics when compared to games like RDR2 and GTA V, which is nearly 7 years old not to mention comparisons to older GTA games like San Andreas that seem to better Cyberpunk in almost every way possible.

    It might sound petty but for a game that was in development for 8 years and hyped to be the second coming of gaming can't muster something as simple as water being effected by bullets and/or grenades or how NPC's complete lack of context to the interaction you're engaging in with them is laughable because this game is supposed to outshine every other open-world game ever made. Instead there are games that are the better part of a decade old that perform miles ahead of anything Cyberpunk can do.

    And if the stores are true that when the game breaks it interrupts the emotional flow of a scene then why would I want to bother playing such a game? But like you said, maybe in 10 years they would've addressed all the issues but the issue is that by that time Rockstar would've come up with GTA VI that will once again prove that they're the masters of open world games.

    My hope is that Rockstar is working on a GTA that takes place 100 years in the future in order to show CDPR how a proper open world game set in the future looks like.


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