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DogeBank : New Dogecoin Cloud Mining 2021 (Free 100 Dh/s)

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#DogeBank (Dogecoin Cloud Mining Websites) облачный майнинг Dogecoin с бонусом 100 Dh/s за регистрацию

Invest in your successful future!

Старт проекта 01.04.2021

New Dogecoin cloud mining & get Free 100 Dh/s

Minimum invest is 500 Dogecoin for 40 days contract

Daily profit 3 – 4% depends your investment

Minimum withdrawal 20 Dogecoin

Who are you?

We are team of crypto enthusiasts which working on crypto investment to let them be more fun and affordable for our investors. And we are here especially for you, just try and you will enjoy world of cryptocurrencies.

With which cryptocurrencies are you working?

Our team is focused on Dogecoin projects which is more perspective value for future crypto investment.

It’s a mandatory to invest something for earning on our project?

Not at all, we have special possibility to work with our referral program by inviting your friends using your personal link or even using our promo material to share it on social network for earn money by involving new partners to our project. Also you can earn by participate in our contests and special promo which we will do on monthly basis, don’t miss your chance. And as a welcome bonus you will receive first shared worker – ABSOLUTELY FREE after a registration on our project.

Do you have a referral system?

Sure, team propose you competitive referral system in which you will earn 7% of worker cost that will be bought by your referral using your private link. This funds will be available for reinvestment and withdrawal from your account.

What is minimum amount for withdrawal?

We have no limits for withdrawal. But due to limitation of our payment gateway and limit from counterparties we decide to set technical limit on level of 20 DOGE per transaction.

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