Dogecoin and Elon Musk – The Technoking of Tesla | Anthony Pompliano and Lex Fridman

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Anthony Pompliano is an entrepreneur, investor, writer, and podcaster on topics of decentralized finance.

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Dogecoin and Elon Musk – The Technoking of Tesla | Anthony Pompliano and Lex Fridman

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Comment (47)

  1. Dogecoin can not disappoint (it's already below zero), there is only unexpected upside thinkable. It's more potential than product or idea, to be morphed and developed further. I see it as some kind of baby-utopia. Pipe dream? 😉

  2. If elon wrote a book on human psychologu marceting.
    Instant sell.

    Well, or just study his behaviour.
    Or think.

    If you want to reach weird people, you cant be serious
    Glory I will live by.

  3. "what do you make of dogecoin philosophically or technically?"
    are you srs lex? its obvious that the guy is using his influence to drive up prices, make bank, and dump. theres no philosophy. simple pump and dump. giving elon way too much credit.

  4. I’ve always admired you content buddy, top coins continue to experience slight dip, though you may have noticed their price movement has hugely been influenced by the btc chart, a lot of non crypto asset holders continue to raise their voice towards the dangers involved in indulging on crypto currencies and its business in general, saying that the market would soon be fully regulated and prices drop, I find that hilarious though. Crypto currency for one has come to stay, it is our present and our future in a long run, I perceive the fears of non holders that it becomes too late to hodle certain assets, which might be a challenge whilst hodling but is not the same when you trade crypto asset; plus from positive experience I’ve seen that trading under the right strategy offers far bigger gains than hodling and waiting for price rises. Am not really an expert though, but I’ve been undergoing high trade sessions using signals from Trade expert Dennis Berger, his signals has been the most accurate I’ve employed, currently got about 8btc since trading with his signals. Strictly for crypto concerns Dennis maybe reached @dennisberg on teleg @ +447868745800 on whatsapp.


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