Dogecoin: Co-Founders Talk About Recent Coinbase Listing (2021)

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Dogecoin: Co-Founders Talk About Recent Coinbase Listing (2021)

One of the most popular memes of the early 2010s is Doge which took on a life of its own and is now one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies in the space, going under the name Dogecoin.

The project started off as a joke but last week saw the crypto get integrated on the Coinbase Wallet which is a bullish sign for the cryptocurrency.

The success of this cryptocurrency has been a very surprising one because the team is just a couple of team crypto enthusiasts. Back in October, the co-founder of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer spoke to Decrypt saying that the rumours of a Coinbase listing were just that and also noted that the legal documentation Coinbase required was nearly impossible to assemble. He even said at the time, “It’s by no means likely that they’ll get it.”

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Dogecoin: Co-Founders Talk About Recent Coinbase Listing (2021)

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Comment (36)

  1. $Doge is available to purchase at almost every exchange on earth except coin-base. But it’s available-to buy on coinbase pro which is same company but you can set stop losses and place buy sell orders at certain times as opposed to at coinbase where you buy at the spot price at any given time. If you buy ETH or BITCOIN you can exchange it for $DOGE coin at dozens of exchanges aswell. Hope this helps. Also todays price of 25 is a huge steal / bargain as the $DOGE will moon again soon. Its also on the coinbase wallet therefore you can buy BTC or ETH on Coinbase exchange and Change it into $DOGE because its now listed in coinbase wallets. Many Thanks

  2. I am a big holder of dogecoin. I just wish they would hype it. Even if it went to 30 cents I would have a half a million dollars. Wish it would get off this three tenths of a cent thing already.

  3. People doubt bitcoins in the beginning…..n now look at it…….I think dogecoins can get the same attention as bitcoins in the Future it maybe worth $1 or more soon

  4. guys hv u all see how many top 10 coin hv wallet that can save coin? dogecoin almost all kind of of wallet also can save the coin. if the dogecoin team work hard to promote the coin. i think it wil hv bright future. transation fees js less then 1 cent.


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