Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions| Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions For 20Yrs

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions! Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions For The Next 20Yrs. You Will Not Believe These Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions!

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Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions| Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Price Predictions For 20Yrs

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  1. Sounds like a Pyramid scheme to me. People who have invested in this will push people to buy into it and if it ever does make it to one dollar then everyone will dump it and it will drop like it is now. I’ll be throughly shocked if this crypto ever makes it to 20 cents.

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  7. When looking at the patterns of other cryptos that hit $1 or higher, I see that DOGE is following the same pattern. Bitcoin did a major boom and spike almost out of nowhere in 2013-2014 when it was only $10 per coin in 2011 but I have a feeling DOGE is going to hit $1 before 2040. Anything can happen by then and the community could cause its boom to happen much quicker. Now as stated, cryptos aren't exactly predictable like stocks due to their high volatility but hey, I'm hoping for $0.05 cents much sooner and then $1. DOGE is a my long term investment and definitely understand its protentional as others laugh at it like they did with Bitcoin back in the day when they called that a joke lol.


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