Dogecoin DOGE Technical Analysis (7 Aug 2021)

The MEGA squeeze is still intact. 🙃

Full list of DOGE technical analysis:

Use these 4
Short with Huobi.

Short with BitMax.

Use Brave browser.

Use a hardware wallet:

Upgrade Pot
If you’ve benefited in any way, feel free to contribute to our pot. 🤗

ETH: 0x4498cDA1Fbbb8828daf77Eb4DDb925e374Db0139

Target 2 : $300 – SSD + HDD
Target 3 : $100 – HD Webcam
Target 4 : $200 – Graphics Card
Target 5 : $50 – RAM

———- Thank you! 🥰 ———-
Target 1 : $100 – Dynamic microphone with stand (16 May 2021)

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Dogecoin DOGE Technical Analysis (7 Aug 2021)

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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong… unlike most crypto, there is no limit on the supply of DOGE in circulation. Doesn't that mean it would take an enormous amount of "energy" to increase the price of it. Even if that were to happen, wouldn't it require to buy buy buy just to keep the price at the same level due to an endless supply increase? Are there other limitless coins out there that we can compare DOGE to?


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