Dogecoin: Explained

Dogecoin might not be so bad after all.

Graham Stephan on Dogecoin:

Disclosure: I don’t hold any dogecoin. I do hold some bitcoin though. For research purposes.

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Dogecoin: Explained

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  1. There are Bitcoin, Ripplecoin, Dogecoin, Ethercoin,….thousands of kinds of cryptocurrencies. You name it. Everyone can create their own if they want. Are cryptocurrencies rare??? Only God can create real metal.

  2. I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be among the investors trading with Mrs jane rich as his student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades.

  3. I been getting replies to my comments so here they are. Larger holders of dogecoin are dumping million of shares while we keep buying and raising the price maybe. 002 or so. This large holders are making around 36,000.00 to 100,000.00 when the price rises .002.
    If you think they are going to hold their shares for you good luck. There is no market cap on doge so the rich will keep doing their thing and we will hope to see our gains up and down the hundred dollar mark.

  4. it'S so funny.
    if you look up the dogecoin graph around the time of the video upload.
    you'll see that he created a mini raise in price just like Mr. Muskarette did, but much smaller considering the already inflated price due to tweets.

    the price is still looking like it will go up in the future if you look at the curve tho.


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