Dogecoin January 2021 Price Surge | Ɖogecoin Price Surge Explained

Dogecoin is spiking once again in January of 2021, why? Is it similar to 2021, or is it similar to earlier this year? Maybe both? This video will explain the crypto price surge, as well why Dogecoin is becoming expensive once again. If you enjoyed this video, then please leave a like, and consider subscribing if it’s your first time watching!

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Dogecoin January 2021 Price Surge | Ɖogecoin Price Surge Explained

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  1. I jumped on the bandwagon after Elon Musk tweeted about it recently. Would be cool if he dumped money into it to help the poor layman out which is likely a good majority of us!

  2. Honestly all you need is $100 in us and if it goes to $.25 you’ll make over five geez you don’t have to go crazy and put a lot into actually make a lot this is such a low risk high reward Play that almost anybody can win if they have the patience.

  3. No cap, I dropped 1k on doge,and that was 3 months ago,been adding $10 every other week,big bag like Santa,candy bar used to cost 50 cents, ya dig.Greece wasn’t built in a year!

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