Dogecoin Price Analysis April 2021 | Momentum Lost or Buy the Dip?

Here is our Dogecoin price prediction for April 2021! Watch our outlook on the Dogecoin price today to find out if the cryptocurrency just might lift off in the next few days.

The Dogecoin pirce analysis is apparently hinting towards a possible bounce that may propel the price a whopping 35%. A bullish breakout like that would put the Dogecoin price target at $0.066. However, DOGE is in very dangerous territory, as the opposite scenario may prove just as likely.

In the event of a bearish breakdown for the Dogecoin price, 2021 could see yet another crash for the meme coin – first to $0.045, and then possibly even to $0.034. Whether the Dogecoin price prediction today will be optimistic or not, however, will depend on if we see a rebound from the parallel channel’s lower boundary.

Watch the full video to find out what our Dogecoin price April 2021 prediction entails for the near future. And stay tuned for our next full Dogecoin price prediction! Have a different take on the Dogecoin prediction? Then let us know in the comment section below!

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Dogecoin Price Analysis April 2021 | Momentum Lost or Buy the Dip?

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  1. Everyone says the same things about doge and most of the time they aren't correct. Let's be real doge won't hit $1 anytime soon, what people should be doing is using doge instead of only saying "to the moon" imagine if Niel Armstrong said to the moon instead of going.

  2. Support…support… like it's some kind of a physical object that you can put things on. It don't exist. It's a mental , it exists only in your head, in your thoughts. If you think it's worth buying then you buying it. And someone don't think it's worth anything then they sell it. So it's just a demand and supply. Plain old economics. There is no support. There is either a demand or no demand. Lots of ppl buying it just to sell it at higher price, so what support we talking about…it's just a money making operations. Fancy words describing this chart talking about trends and all just a waste of time. If it's a shit then ppl getting rif of it and no one wants it. If it's gold then ppl wanna buy it. That's all it is. No support, no other bs terminology. Dogi is gold cause Musk n Cuban will make it gold n put it into daily use. The only reason price is still low is some piece of sht whale keeps selling em n making profit n same thing bunch of others do just for the same to make few bucks. Dogi needs to get into daily use and Robinhood wallet so ppl can do daily transactions then it will be useful n demand for it will go up. Suppor shmaport….it don't exist…you got supply n demand

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  4. I stumbled across this channel with an auto playlist and I wanted to thank you for your content, between you and @Napolean Marco I think I'm good on subs about stocks/crypto. As far as Doge goes, I'm not worried, I bought early enough that I'm not losing anything I'm just enjoying the ride and have been doing my due diligence to reinforce mental health wellness across a lot of these buy now videos. People, please don't buy unless you can afford to lose no matter how sweet the cake looks, that red looks scarier than it is and it's disheartening to feel like you're losing. You're not losing with Doge but it's not going to be tomorrow!

  5. JOHN DOGE. There's a reason why your Doge videos get the most views/interaction. 2021 is the year of the moon. BTC/ETH/DOGE will be the future order, and the future is now. Dogecoin has dropped in the charts yet still #2 in community size, twitter posts, hashtags, etc. A true sleeping giant. Thank you for more Doge videos!

  6. Do you think the announcement from the Feds exacerbated the fall on all cryptocurrencies? The banking system oligarchs are running scared because cryptocurrencies is a threat to the World Banking System and the International Monetary Fund because they lose control over people because people have control over money and not the WB and the IMF.


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