Dogecoin to $1? | Elon Musk Support and My Thoughts Updated

Dogecoin to $1? | Snoop Dogg and Elon Musk Support and My Thoughts!


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Intro: 0:00 – 1:29
Dogecoin: 1:29 – 6:28
What Will Happen?: 6:28 – 10:11
My Thoughts: 10:11 – 11:49

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Dogecoin to $1? | Elon Musk Support and My Thoughts Updated

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Comment (25)

  1. I been getting replies to my comments so here they are. Larger holders of dogecoin are dumping million of shares while we keep buying and raising the price maybe. 002 or so. This large holders are making around 36,000.00 to 100,000.00 when the price rises .002.
    If you think they are going to hold their shares for you good luck. There is no market cap on doge so the rich will keep doing their thing and we will hope to see our gains up and down the hundred dollar mark.

  2. Double their money for 1 day at night!!! LOL. Screw EM. He is out to manipulate the market as a whale for his gain. His gain means he is making money from someone…..YOU are paying for his profits. On the political note, guess who supported the people who killed the Keystone pipeline???? You are correct If you have .000000% of a brain. People worship him as a god. He is only out for himself. He does not want oil to be cheap. He wants to sell his HIGH COST OF OWNERSHIP vehicles to the ECO morons. 11000 jobs gone in the first day of joeys puppet show….em had nothing to do with that????? LMFAO!!!!!! 11000, jobs gone. The 11000 jobs lost was the tip of the iceberg! Manufacturing, transportation of fuel, food, clothing, and staple goods. em is only out for himself. WE MUST STOP LISTENING TO HIM!!!! I do not care how rich he is. His word is worthless if we do not follow what he says. OH he has such a great record, bullshit, if we stopped listening to his self directed propaganda he would be a total loser, which he is. DO NOT BUY INTO HIS TAAS OR HIS TESLA AUTOMOBILES..Does anyone know what happens to a LIO battery if it gets wet or not charged properly? Has Telsa told you of these hazards??

  3. This is quite interesting and cool but before going into any crypto currency investment will recommend you to do a bar ground check up to ensure you are investing in a solid source to avoid blown account, An alternative seek professional guidance as a new bie or if you are having challenges to avoid loses of funds.

  4. Why does people depend their buying behaviour on cryptos Just by one person his opinion?. The binance Will conquer the Dogecoin. In 2022 you will see IT Will rise up to 500 euro for 1 coin. Doge and ripple sucks shit coins. I already know that the new cryptos Will be the future because the great reset Will devaluate the paper and cash money. So the rich Will earn the total of all cryptos Just because of the simple reason that 1 percent owns the White world.

  5. Elon has been an outspoken fan of dogecoin for a long time now, it is not a new thing. Dumps make prices drop, pump and dump is buying ot cheap to bring up the value then dunping it which lowers the price.long term doge is horrible, there is an unlimited. supply to be created. You speak of just since it was 4 cents, it was fractions of a penny a week prior. I understand its not your expertise hut if you are going to talk about something, especially financial, know your stuff.

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