DOOM Eternal Ultimate Nightmare Settings 4K | HDR | RTX 3080 Ti | i9 10900K 5.1GHz

Check out some gameplay and performance from Doom Eternal. In this video I am using maximum settings with HDR at 4K. Please Enable HDR in windows or …

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  1. Those tempertures are Phenomenal! Mate, I wish this computer could stay as cool as yours. What're are you cooling solutions spec, and have you stripped the stock thermal paste from GPU?

    Have fun & Stay safe people

  2. DE looking awesome and so is your rig and the frames its pulling. I noticed that the fights are a lot more "vertical" and dynamic which makes for a lot more interesting gameplay experience. I found Doom 2016 to be quite hectic already when I played it so I'm not sure how well ill adapt to the evolution of the gameplay. Its a cool thing to evolve like that, especially when you compare it with the first doom game.

    You're clearly doing well and getting used to it fast with DE's new style. Can't wait to get it myself soon.

  3. i Heard that frame cap should be removed, or there is somekind of option to remove it. Can you do 1080p ultra with no cap ? 😀 i am guesing that it will be around 400fps for sure

  4. Genius game, but my pc catched fire for some reason.
    Yesterday i played for 3 hours, closed the game, 20 seconds later the system restarted itself.
    Tried starting Doom again, smelled something burning quickly.
    Quickly shut down pc, tried running Heaven benchmark shortly, nothing happened.
    Played a bit of Assassins Creed Odyssey for 10-12 minutes, no issues.

  5. If you turn off the HDR, you're not working?
    Dad had a problem with the older version, limiting his card to 50%
    People have problems with it …

    Someone's Afterburner doesn't work for someone …


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