Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot — Globku Review

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Review. Gameplay, combat, open world, systems, everything.
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Comment (41)

  1. Finally decided to pick it up… not a fan of how it teaches you how to play, and the game feels a bit off in terms of controls, I only got it yesterday, so I want to see if I can remap the buttons. Other than that the charm is decent but I need to put more time into it before I decide if I like it. I still feel like budokai 3 is my favorite game to play through even though they don’t do any awesome cutscenes, the gameplay more than makes up for it

  2. All I can say is that I’m very disappointed. Half of the game is just fetch quests. Like seriously how can you screw up so bad. The combat is so menial and repetitive and most of the time I’m bored out of my mind that I have to take breaks to want to play again. I hope I change my mind but for now I’m sticking to xenoverse 2. And I’m hoping they remaster budokai 3.

  3. Can someone tell me why people like this trash .. I’m not saying that dragonball the series is trash but this game is definitely trash pure utter trash .. even if you are a fan it’s trash he’ll if you are a fan it should feel
    More like trash .. due to all the issues listed during this review.. What is so “fun” and “exciting “ about this simple as combat , bullshit side quest , and repetitive game play mechanics… please explain … other than visual , and the fact that the game is new… what is the appeal .. what is soooo “amazing” about the limited lackluster RPG elements compared to actual good RPG games that have consequences, alternative out comes and cut scenes.. what’s got you all who “love “ the game sooooo amped .. I really need to understand…

  4. im a big dragon ball fan but
    i did not grow up watching it so i dont have the nostalgia factor WHICH IS GOOD to see a bad game
    this game is boring with the story, combat and the boss super armor
    the only good thing is the cut scenes

  5. Where dragon balls z failed fans in story?
    Over 9000 skipped

    vegeta going super saiyan 1st time was lacking

    Vegeta final flash on cell skipped

    Future trunks going super saiyan 1st time against mecha frieza was lacking

    Skipped a full fight super buff trunks vs cell

    These were great moments lacking or skipped

    Other than that game was good
    Saiyan saga
    Namek saga
    Frieza saga
    Buu saga
    We're good

    But Android saga (including cell) was unbearably bad it sucked
    only final fight gohan vs perfect cell was good

  6. My good Man thanks for the review and I liked your other vids as well for DBZ Kakarot.
    My question is when u r about 2 fight Kid Buu 4 the 1st time as u r making ur way 2 him there's a cut scene of a lady can't remember her outfit but she was holding a hearth or some other organ which revived past villains as villainous enemies any idea what that's about. I can send the cut scene if I can find it and upload 2 my channel or if any1 else came across this let me know what u think about it

  7. I have long thought about a Dragon Ball Z game where you play through the game as Goku like this. But with 1 major difference. Letting the player make story choices, like "What if Goku didn't let go of Raditz's tail?" or "What if Goku spared Frieza and brought him to Earth?"

  8. After beating the story yesterday. I realized the rpg system doesnt make sense at all.

    No difficulty settings + scaling enemies + healing items = easy story -> Vegeta gohan goku have highest levels because of story exp -> each character shares experience points (not just the ones in your current party) -> enemies scale to highest level character (not just the ones in your current party) -> lower characters deal only 1 damage to higher scaled enemies -> use higher leveled character (goku gohan vegeta) to beat enemies and level up lower level characters (because exp is shared) –> higher level character get exp as well (because exp is shared) so will always stay highest level -> enemies keep scaling to high leveled characters (goku, gohan, vegeta) = flawed Rpg system loop -> no point having other characters until level cap of 250 is reached.

  9. I recall being very skeptical of the combat system in Kakarot thanks to its simplicity, especially thanks to the Xenoverse games, but Kakarot felt like a pleasant surprise. I think a huge part of it is that the fights don't overstay their welcome, unlike the Xenoverse games (when I'm not cheesing the game), I'm totally fine with simple combat as long as things don't take too long.

    Except that time I thought I could take on the higher level villainous enemies so soon, that took forever, and I admit it was a terrible idea. Lmao

  10. Honestly, it was pretty boring and a let down. I've completed it to get a platinum trophy just to milk out anything that might make it enjoyable for me but it really is not good. Yes, I did all the substories and the dragon ball wishes. Was it worth it? At first, it was fun but then it got so boring and repetitive with the same enemy types with the exact same red ribbon robots popping up 90% of the time. The bosses are all almost the same and don't provide any challenge. There was no point to doing the side stuff to get more xp because the main story will already give you enough for the next fight that invalidates your time spending on doing other crap. Literally bought it and 2 weeks later sell back to gamestop to get back some money

  11. The fact that you complained about the difficulty level but then said the game is better when giving yourself the rule of not popping “health”, which ultimately made it more difficult for you is silly. This review was bad tbh. Clearly, the game isn’t as easy as you’re saying if you’re constantly consuming health to beat the game. Lol

  12. I would give this game a B rating as per your criteria. I think the RPG concept in dragon ball Z is an unique concept . The combat system grew on me and the challenges were somewhat entertaining ( got annoying at the end game ) . I too have finished the game and have the platinum trophy . But this game feels like a one time play as there is literally nothing to do after getting that platinum trophy . They should add the dragon ball super series as it would be exciting to play as beerus and other characters . Although the game is boring at the end , I couldnt stop myself from playing this game before earning the trophy and it was a unique experience and the game was focused on many small details which other dragon ball games have failed to do . It was definitely a different experience from xenoverse 2

  13. To me the game starts out fun but quickly loses all interest as you see the different characters having basically the same techniques with few variations & exceptions.
    The world doesn't have much to offer and even if the game's targeted at the og fans well there's simply no incentive to continue playing there either as we've already seen & lived the same story & sagas over & over again.
    I agree the combat is rather fun, the visuals are great but that's it the main point being the combat fades rather fast after the first saga I'm surprised that those who already played many DBZ games actually went through 50 hours of playing this and finished it.

  14. The game looks interesting to me but I'm still not sure if I want to buy it. I love dbz but my only disappointment I'm seeing in this game is that it's story is dbz again. I know many people would disagree with me, but we need more dragon ball games that don't reuse Z's story again. I get that the story is awesome, but if we keep getting more games like this I'm pretty sure not alot of people are going to expect something new for db games story. Well that's just my opinion.

  15. Not Gonna say too much cause the review is fair, but I don't think they're were that much fetch quest as you make it out to be, I mean sure they're were plenty but not like that.

    If you just went through the story at least especially they're wouldn't be as many but if you did the sub quest in between then, they're be more yeah.

    But for the most part even those didn't ruin the experience for me.

    The game is good to me, were there disappointing things about yeah, I expect a little more from it, but I also didn't let my mind venture to uncharted territory thinking there was gonna be too much to the game.

    And then get my hopes up too much, there were some disappointing things, but also some satisfying things about the game.

    And there's gonna be more to come, the game is still a good time no matter what didn't feel pack luster to me.

    I did feel the cell saga got the short end of the stick, also being my favorite saga, the middle part of that felt rushed, that they could of worked on.

    They even showed more in the manga then this game at least before the cell games part, had fun with that.

    Still it doesn't ruin the game completely for me only wish they spent more time on things then others.

    Like instead of doing a beautiful cutscene for Vegeta blowing up cui, they could have saved that for some things in the cell saga.

    Like how are they gonna have a top tier cutscene for cell absorbing 17 but not 18.

  16. In my opinion I would give the game a 6/10. The game has such and inconsistent production value that it goes from having amazing cutscenes to having utter trash cutscenes. It also has one of the simplest combat mechanics ever in a dragon ball game. And the rpg elements are so poorly implemented that I wonder why they put it in the first place. Additionally the game is very glitchy that it loads side quest incorrectly to the point that it makes them unplayable. The flying mechanic is very awkward. There is also no point in using the cars or robots. And most of the in game enemies are just re skin versions of each other. Also the game takes an eternity to load map areas that it makes side quest unenjoyable. And the side quest aren't even good to begin with they are all just fetch quest.

  17. I agree 100%, I'm 73 hours in and just beat Cell. I'm a typical 90s kid, I'm used to mixing imagination with my games so I'm able to just keep playing, plus the kids like to watch it. The over 9000 reference wasn't in there cuz it was a miss dub.
    As of the update, the game loads far faster, like so fast you wonder why they were so slow before.

    I think the side activities depend on the player, in life the fetch quests cuz I love the combat and I enjoy just flying around. I would consider myself a hardcore fan, as other than Cowboy Bebop, DBZ is my favorite show and I have watched over 100 different anime in my time. (Some anime are just….. Odd. To say the least.)


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