Dragon Ball Z KAKAROT New DLC Review – This New Power Awaken DLC Will Surprise Everyone Breakdown!!

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  1. One thing I'm not sure people think about that I'd give advice to them on is although I don't have the dlc yet cause I need wifi to buy the dlc and my garbage wifi doesn't help with a 3.8gb worth of system updating, but there are items in the game such as artsy cupcakes which you get from destroying the spaceships around the map and mega mass lvl 3's which can be used to increase the percentage of xp, so I'll be taking advantage of those if I get the dlc when training with Whis, I don't know however if they will increase xp output from sacred water though.

  2. The beerus fight isn’t THAT hard. It’s just about knowing when to attack. And if you’re low on health you can set one of you know-how skills to heal you while your character is in surge mode. I mean the fight is obviously the most difficult but you just have to keep your distance and attack him with you new god attack. And if you’re still having problems, go to gokus house before the fight and have chichi cook a full course meal to give you an ki attack boost. Don’t try to melee beerus bc he’s just going to fuck you up

  3. I beat the the DLC in about and 1.5hrs. Highly disappointed, the grind that I did was basically for nothing. No story at all to it, I get it was original to the game itself but content is everything to a game. Especially to a DBZ game like get it right at this point. They could've added so much more to this but it lacked.

  4. I really do like the deal see a lot, the boss battles are challenging and that added skill tree bonuses for Vegeta and Goku are a nice touch along with Super Saiyan God on top of that.

    The bug fixes are definitely very much appreciateed too, and the new mechanic to know swap boat in game music tracks as well as battle music is definitely welcomed. I really like the new music tracks They added to the game as well they are definitely very unique and or a huge stand out easily my new favorite music tracks in the game.

    The side mission plot lines are very interesting and really add some more lore based around the God of destruction Lord beerus and his teacher / attendant Whis.

    However my one and only big let down is the fact that unfortunately Lord beerus and we are not playable characters.

    Or at least have Lord beerus be playable and Whis support character. But both of them don't even have the option to be selectively as support characters either! They are both just completely shafted and just thrown away.

    I understand that the game is called DBZ Kakarot but for the game to just limit itself to only old school Z Fighter characters… and not even having the option to play all of them… is in my opinion very lame and limits gameplay play with less playable characters. Trunks and Piccolo players especially get screwed over because those two characters barely have any substory quests so they're harder to level up because of it and they have much smaller skill trees so in turn they are less effective overall and have much smaller variety overall.

    I get that Goku and Vegeta are the stars of Dragon Ball and the vast majority of fans are massive lovers of the characters. But that doesn't mean that there's some of us that honestly find other characters more interesting then Goku and Vegeta, like come on Toei.

    I was really hoping that this DLC update as well as the next ones would include at least one or two playable characters with each added DLC pack to switch things up but unfortunately that's just not true…ugh… all I wanted was more playable characters.

    My first let down with the base game itself was the fact that character customization with appearance and outfits wasn't going to be a feature in the game after all. Now it's based around the fact that my two favorite modern Dragon Ball characters aren't even playable based around a DLC update that covers their own debut.

    While it does suck that we don't get any new playable characters at the end of the day I still enjoy the game and the DLC update is nice but having Beerus and Whis as playable characters would have definitely been a huge approval for myself and possibly many others.

    ( I get that those two aren't exactly the most popular characters but I know for a fact I'm not the only person that would have liked to see more playable characters )

  5. People should stop with the outfit nonsense. It's just the same outfit for vegeta post majin buu and King kai outfit for goku. Changing outfit in time machine breaks the narrative immersion as well. Maybe free roam post game. Also, use know hows to heal during the beerus fight and meal effects.

  6. @JustSaiyanZ i don’t know if you can help but I bought the dlc as a preorder and now that the dlc has come out I can’t play the dlc and when I go to add one it says to buy when I have it and it doesn’t even show me the option to buy it again.


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