Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Review

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s emphasis on making the world and character interactions of Dragon Ball as important as the fights makes for a solid action-RPG experience.

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  1. Only two hours in and I really wished they would have taken more time to animate the characters better. It’s 2020, not 2010. Give me the level of detail like God of war where it was a genuine treat to watch cutscenes and enjoy side quests. Right now I’m at a 7/10, but maybe that might change as the game goes on.

  2. U played only 37 hours (which means u just did the story and some side quest) i sure u didnt catch the full essence of the game….all though u said some true and nice things about the game why u gave it 7????

  3. Honestly I really enjoy the game! It’s a great trip down memory lane! But think one of my biggest complaints is the loading screen between regions! Granted each one is pretty large and in depth but when you need to travel to different regions for main story missions, side quests or collecting the dragon balls seeing the same loading screen over and over again can get a bit annoying

  4. The game does have flaws but i feel like the story is perfectly serviceable as it is, and the combat is fine for what it is although granted it can be a hard to grasp when you first play it. I think people who are fans of the DB games seem to have forgotten that not EVERY game in this series is a fighting game. For me it's one of the best games DBZ games I've played in awhile. My grading would be a solid 8/10 for me. It's got some flaws that hold it back from being a 9/10 like performance issues. It's definitely a recommend if you're a hardcore fan, but as a casual fan you can wait to get this game.

  5. gotta say the way the last saga was done was the biggest disappointment , felt so rushed even the comedy gag of the punching device was left out (even though they had enough time to describe the premise in detail).

    the car and bi pedal thing felt rushed as did the whole meal thing and most of the items (let's not talk about the rubbish 'community' thing they had going on with the 'gifts') a lot of it was sub par and they've done better in past dragon ball z games.

    if they had nailed the last saga with Majin Buu i may have overlooked it, but… one of the more interesting sagas when the author bottles making gohan the hero and gokus replacement and brings the old guy back. It'd have been nice to see it in full (the little things like goku holding videl back was missed out completely, and it's those little things that made dragon ball z more than mindless battles)

  6. Awesome review! Was hoping for something more along the lines of what we got with DBFZ in terms of quality and reverence for the series, but this still looks like it might be cool once it's discounted.

  7. what a waste this game was. so many things they could have added. Cutscenes and death cut scenes were totally cut short. These guys at cyber connect 2 trying to make a quick buck. This game could have been legendary if done right.


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