DrDisrespect LIKES Sniping in Battlefield 2042 & CARRIES Team to VICTORY! (Battlefield 2042 Warm Up!)

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DrDisrespect LIKES Sniping in Battlefield 2042 & CARRIES Team to VICTORY! (Battlefield 2042 Warm Up!)

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    00:08 BF4 Duos with JackFrags soon?

    —-00:13 Game 1 (Sniping & Winning on Rouge Transmission!)

    00:50 Tank 2 fast

    1:17 Perfect spot for sniping

    1:39 Sniping

    1:59 Nice snipe

    2:09 Trolling teammates are back! (rant)

    2:44 Bad position + RIP tank!

    3:00 Stream sniping teammates

    3:18 Rage at stream sniper!

    3:34 Bullet drop??! WHERE?

    3:46 lol! (knifed)

    4:17 Sniping

    5:28 Nice long range snipe! + @ 5:53

    6:01 360 snipes!

    6:27 (rage) How the F?! + revenge rage!

    8:08 Levolution!

    8:35 More snipes

    8:52 Opinion on Sniping in BF4!

    10:20 Nice bike snipe

    11:37 Nice headshot + killed by stream sniper!

    12:02 More snipes

    12:14 Doc hates Levolution too?

    12:56 Wall bang?

    13:10 Quick scoping

    13:29 Dominating enemy team!

    14:38 Heli snipes

    15:25 Useful tool for snipers

    16:03 lol (rage + roast!)

    16:39 Lol! (glitch)

    17:15 Win! OP Score!

    —-17:42 Game 2 (Zavod looks like a BR map!)(HARDCORE?)

    18:04 Scoped ARs suck

    18:40 Nice Snipe

    18:53 How the F? (LOL!)

    19:23 Nice back to back snipes

    19:48 SMG map! (Switching to AK 5C) + 20:05 Pushing (nice nade)

    20:19 Dirty spot

    20:28 Scoped SCAR again! + adding attachments

    21:39 No audio?

    22:01 Restricted parachute movement

    22:19 Quitting the game!

    22:53 Talk on BF4

  2. Recon Class

    Primary weapon: M98B or SRR-61
    Secondary weapon: G18
    Gadget1: Radio beacon
    Gadget2: optional

    Sniper Attachments

    Optic: 8X , 20X
    Accessory: Range Finder or any Laser
    Barrel: Flash Hider or Muzzle Break
    Auxiliary: Optional

  3. "Carries team to victory"? LOL, doesn't matter how good you are in Battlefield, one man will never change the fate of a game. The freaking Behemoth in BF1 which could be manned by at least 4 players most of the times could not turn the fate of the match and the uploader thinks only one man can do this.


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