DrDisrespect Tries LOCKER & LIKES BF2042 MORE Than Warzone! (& Paracel Storm Battlefield 2042!)

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►Check out DrDisrespect’s official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrDisRespect
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DrDisrespect Tries LOCKER & LIKES BF4 MORE Than Warzone! (& Paracel Storm Battlefield 2042!)

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    —-00:08 Locker with High ping , 00:27 Game 1 (Kicked from Locker Server!)

    1:11 Double kill + 1:21 Rage at teammate lol

    2:06 Another push

    2:44 It aint Fortnite

    3:00 Kicked from server! + Never joining it again

    —-3:24 Rush on locker! + Game 2 (Too foggy, Can't see!)

    3:43 Good kills

    4:09 Killed by a p*** camper!

    4:30 Nice kills

    5:27 No way! (killed)

    6:20 Head glitch abuser!

    6:40 Screen glitch!

    7:08 lol .. more glitches

    7:54 Can't see! + Shaky glitch is back!

    8:49 Zero visibility!

    9:12 How do they see Doc?!!

    10:16 NEVER seen this in BF before! + 10:39 Backing out

    —-11:02 Game 3 (Rush on Paracel Storm!)

    11:05 F2000 > Scar-H? + AEK

    11:56 Mid-Range kill with AEK

    12:38 Surfing

    13:02 Nice action!

    13:51 HOW?!! (rage at team!)

    14:22 Noob teammates

    14:59 Doc's first time flying a heli in BF + LOL!

    15:38 Doc likes it!

    16:58 Boat kills

    17:46 Still can't see!

    18:24 SAIGA spammer! + on C4s on console!

    18:58 Nice kills

    19:59 Claymored! + WTH is this? (likes it!)

    20:37 Flanking

    21:14 Biggest mag ever + stream sniper

    22:17 Nice snipe!

    23:55 Lost! + Tough game! + 24:28 Doc's liking BF MORE than Warzone!

    24:39 1440p monitor for better visibility in BF4?

  2. What is with all the little zooms and slow motion edits? Especially when they don't really have a purpose. Like zooming in when he throws a grenade…..

  3. Only thing thats good is when u shoot theu actually die .. in Warzone u need 100 bullets to kill a single guy .. like Apex🤣 2 magazine’s for 1 guy..

    So yeaaah this looks way better

  4. BF4 is just a great game. BF2042 looks like it will take away the traditional classes and make it sort of like a “hero” selection which is disappointing.


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