Drifting The Needle Climb on CONTROLLER vs WHEEL – Forza Horizon 5

Car: Nissan 240sx
Wheel: Thrustmaster TX


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Drifting The Needle Climb on CONTROLLER vs WHEEL – Forza Horizon 5

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Comment (35)

  1. Just wanted to answer a few common questions I get in one go:
    The car is a Nissan 240sx
    Yes the tunes are up…search my gamertag for all my tunes
    No the paint is not shared…its a team livery for members only
    The wheel I use is a Thrustmaster TX on 900 degrees rotation
    I use default settings on the controller

  2. This 8s incredible driving. Doing this with a gamepad is impossible, I don't even know what to call it on a wheel, which in this game seems 100x harder than gamepad… There's no name for that level of difficulty

  3. I just have no idea how to drift with wheel honestly im god at drifting with controller but its just not the same i think i got the wrong wheel or sum but i wish i can atleast drift a little but the steering wheel is so fucking strong.


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