Dropping 39 Kills In My First Game – Battlefield 2042

Just warming up for BF2042.
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Battlefield 2042 recorded on PC in 1080p60fps

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Dropping 39 Kills In My First Game – Battlefield 2042

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  1. Late to the party with this so I'm sure you heard all about it but in Battlefield 4 you're really pushed towards tap and burst firing at anything past like 40m. Dice went in about two years after launch and messed with all the attachments as well so you gotta look at em and see what they do both positively and negatively, and if you move and shoot the accuracy of your spray pattern gets all fucky so unless you're within 20m or so you shouldn't strafe too much. Unless of course you have an attachment that helps with moving and shooting spread

  2. Playing BF4 will not prepare you for 2042. You'd be better playing BF5 to get used to the newer mechanics that will be in the game. Sure it is a modern shooter but it is very easy compared to BF5 or BF1. Besides BF4 guns have pretty much no recoil or spread when compared to the newer titles.

    All in all, do your own thing, BF4 is a very fun game in the end. I look forward to the content you make on 2042.

  3. Been a fan of your channel for years and didnt think I could appreciate you much more but you proved me wrong, I never expected battlefield from you, you're in for a ride bro.


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