Duplex IPTV – is it still the best IPTV on the LG C9 OLED?

Duplex IPTV – is it still the best IPTV on the LG C9 OLED?

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Duplex IPTV – is it still the best IPTV on the LG C9 OLED?

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  1. MA Tech – in your opinion what is the best Iptv app from LG Content Store ?
    I try few apps and I think Duplex is the best but still it needs some improvements.

  2. Hi, thank you for the info, I just want to understand you right. The only problem you find with duplex is that you only can use it on one device and not multiple devices?

  3. PROBLEM SOLVED…….On my LG OLED CX 55" … I need to delete and install the APP, 1 to 3 times so that the APP opens to the play list. Then, I foud out that on the Computer, sometimes it was appearing a mistake, I could not change channel just the first entered… so after some testing… I foud the SOULTION for the PC…I needed to desactivate the IPv6 (just unbox it) On Internet proprieties, just let IPv4 This solved my Problem, never more issues with Duplex Player on PC… Now I tried to desactivate IPv6 also on the TV and it entered on Duplex Player directelly. I hope to help some of you that may find the same problems. Take care.​

  4. Thank you for the video. I used duplex iptv and mkiptv on my LG smart and I found that the picture is better in mkiptv application. What do you think of that? Did you use mkiptv on lg smart before?

  5. Thank you man but starters doesn’t have search options and I can’t find any specific series, movies .. how is it possible to work with out that option.. or meybe I missed something

  6. hi there. thanks for your video! what would you recommend in terms of recording shows on the tv lg c9 oled and via the duplex app? thanks

  7. I have a problem with the translation(subtitle) of the movies on Lg TV. They go in three rows. How do I set them to go in two rows? Thanks for the answer

  8. Help please. When I click on a list, I just see the list of channels, rather than "Live Channels", "Movies" etc. So I don't have a preview for my channels anymore. Are there specific tags you need to put in the playlist so that it supports the live preview? Thanks.

  9. Thanks for video. I'm a seasoned IPTV user & presently use my nvidia shield to watch on my LG WebOS smart TV using OTT Navigator (rather than through the LG TV). However as my sister did not have a TV box or andriod box I tried to use Duplex directly on her LG WebOS TV & I agree like you I love the interface but unfortunately the streams just kinda run in slow motion & unwatchable. Maybe a codec thing with the streams on lg tv (as VOD movies work fine?), Im kinda unsure – gonna try a different temp provider to see if it resolves the issue. Tbh I dont mind the "subscription model" as long as it works & I like it. But i certainly agree with you that a one off purchase is my preferred method. OTT Navigator is also subscription based & Im very happy with it on all my andriod/andriod TV devices – but its not available directly on Smart TVs. My sister was using Smart IPTV (as you'll no doubt know, another device locked subscription app) but the interface is awful & that now has issues. Anyway cheers buddy 😉


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