EPIC $3000 Gaming PC Build 2020! [4K Benchmarks – i9 10900K & Corsair 680X!]

Today I’m going to be building the BEST Gaming PC for $3000, with LIVE 4K Gaming Benchmarks and featuring Intel’s NEW Core i9 10900K with a killer white …

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  1. OMG this case (black variant) is perfect,
    If I wasn't going for a custom cooled build
    here are some of my reasons

    1 320mm front rad support (duh..)
    2 psu / cords and components spacious separation
    3 bottom intake fans support( main reason) since cpu intake rad brings in heat and gpu would lack fresh air to work on for it's cooling

  2. You replaced Static Pressure fans on the radiator with LL 120's…Bad move muh dude….LL 120's are Air flow fans…They will NOT move much air through that radiator…


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