Here is everything you need to know about Season in Warlord of New York in Division 2.



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Comment (45)

  1. Will we have to buy another Expansion after even buying Season Pass to continue the progress like they did after revealing Warlords of New York Expansion ? Or is it enough to buy Warlords of New York without paying more to DLCs/Expansions ?

  2. Skills I don’t know why u push this game Ubisoft have screwed every customer from day one, ,,, They must be paying u to do this game. People that paid for the session pass still have to buy the warlord update. It’s a joke.

  3. There is 0 reason for people to play the game if they dont own the expansion. All the gear Is locked off and so is level 40. It would make more sense to give us all that but just restrict New York. Nobody will accept me for pve so I went to pvp and I get shredded there too. Nobody will invite me to raids anymore and I'm a hardcore pve player. I hate this game I'm just going to uninstall the game there is no reason to play it since I dont have the expansion

  4. I like division 2, the game rocks, but i will not pay and i will not support this : : ! : : MARKETING "PURGE" SYSTEM : : ! : :
    UBI SOFT need to learn what a season pass is, it is not something with limited event and limited time rewards, it is a deal you pay ONE TIME ONLY.
    Not a rent you need to pay each 3 months. This is ridiculous.

    Really looks like a bad deal, i do not give a shit about cosmetics "almost" And there is too much "limited time" stuff/event.
    We have jobs, family and other things to do than playing 24/7 a game. who will cost 30+10×4 $ for a year.

    It's stupid to ask for money on something who gives you limited time "event, deal, reward, game-play and almost everything" I totally dislike this concept in video game.

    A real game ask money for expansion and no more.
    Keep everything OPEN, this way players can play the contents they want when they want at the rhythm they want. It is not a f*cking rent.

    Next time what ? A season pass each month ? 3rd year we will pay 50 cents per day to get what any mmo gives you for free all the time ?
    For me this is a scam for end game players who want to play this game and a way for ubi to get more money from them. that's all!

  5. Pretty sure Ubisoft said Div2 Dlc was gonna be free none of this crap just making seasons and adding small content thru it to squeeze that little bit extra fro people Gaming industry needs to take a step back and rethink this shit it’s getting boring fast

  6. Ubisoft's "Monetization-Program" for stupid people nothing more…. this is why they give you the Division 2 for 3$! People are going to burn themselves out with this shit. Why not getting a second job if you have too much spare-time and make some money instead?

  7. I just wonder how much time it will take to get all of this done in real time. Those of us who are working And have a wife, children and a social life will have to make choises. Or get divorced.
    The Global event lasts 1 week. Daily missions etc.. Just getting all this stuff done will take you up to 3 maybe 4 hours a day. Too Much for me. II will still play but not the amount of time they want me to.

  8. So it's going to rely on Fortnite like seasons to encourage more micro transactions and charge a monthly subscription fee of $10month to get the bonus cosmetics and loot. This is not a step in the right direction, if I want free to play model with loot benefit mechanic I play Fortnite.


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