Explaining the sudden DOGECOIN Hype!? – THE TRUTH

#DOGE #Altcoin #Crypto
In today’s episode we will examine Dogecoin and why it’s so popular. Also we will look at past data.

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Explaining the sudden DOGECOIN Hype!? – THE TRUTH

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Comment (16)

  1. Lol, mathematically not possible right now. Long term maybe but full fomo, world wide adoption and elon musk tweets then its possible but the crypto market has to be at 4 or 5 trillion MC. Just sold my whole bag at .7 cent

  2. dogecoin is scam. Remember, society is stupid. The individual is genius. Crypto coins are temporary and speculative fraud. Someone gets rich. Others get poor. The story is always the same. You've got a few people on Reddit and Elon Musk rich.


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