FASTEST Guild Wars Chest Run! Anyone Can Do THIS!

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FASTEST Guild Wars Chest Run! Anyone Can Do THIS!

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Comment (7)

  1. One chest run I do is in Port Sledge, stay to the right and follow the trail to the end, there's usually 2-3 chests near the end but always one, it's what I used to do just to get an unid to sell if I'm one short. I'll be doing this one now. Be prepared for popups by the chests. Some nick item gets farmed here but I forget what it is atm.

  2. Something you didn't do was run just a bit past the hump area chest to check the corner. Nine times outta ten I find a second chest back in the corner turn. You don't need to go all the way into the corner just enough to find out if the chest is there, if so go the extra distance to get it. Two chests per run makes it even more efficient. On occasion I have found three chests, one at the hump, one in the corner, and another closer to the far side resurrection shine. Bring "I am Unstoppable" if you see a chest over there as Mountain Aloe's will knock you down if not.


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