Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Cinematic Trailer – FILMMAKER REACTION | REVIEW

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Cinematic Trailer – FILMMAKER REACTION | REVIEW

In this video I react to the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Cinematic Trailer and talk about a few filmmaking techniques used.

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00:00 Intro
01:11 About Legacy Entertainment
03:37 Reaction – End of an Era
09:35 Reaction – A New Beginning
17:53 Initial Thoughts
20:38 Filmmaking Techniques Used
25:11 Outro

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Cinematic Trailer – FILMMAKER REACTION | REVIEW

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  1. If you like my game cinematic reactions catch me on TWITCH every Monday and Wednesday (and probably one other day in the week) playing various games. I take reaction requests live or you can choose the next cinematic I react to on my YouTube as well if you have enough channel points (gathered by attending multiple streams). You can also pick a game and play with me on our monthly subscriber Saturdays! –

  2. Shadowbringer was shot to show off new stuff you could do in an already existing game. Realm reborn had to set up the main plot, world and sell the game.

  3. So, its a bit late, but avoid the 4k upscales, it makes the video stutter, and choppy. Look at the original trailers, even tho the old ones have lower quality, its a much better experience. The Upscales are bad.. if u see it side to side, you can tell how much worst the color palette and everything looks.
    4:49 is the best example of the stutter i mean. when camera pans from the explosion in the background to the army. It's almost like screen tearing and stuttering as it pans down.
    The original is smooth. And these upscales just make it bad.

  4. (Sorry in advance for my very long comment.)

    The End of an Era-video is one of my all time favorites. The first version of FF XIV (usually called 1.0) was a massive failure, and the decision was made to shut the original game down and make an entirely different game (A Realm Reborn). To mark the start of the end, the star Dalamud was seen as a small red dot in the sky. In the beginning, players of 1.0 had no idea what it was, but it gradually grew in size as the ending drew closer. When Square Enix had announced that the servers would be shut down, to later be replaced with the new version, players of 1.0 gathered together under the daunting Dalamud, now ominously close, watching their time together come to and end. After the servers had shut down, the End of an Era-video went live.

    Even though I tried 1.0, I wasn't there for its final days. I can recommend you watching the fan-made documentary series The Fall and Rise of Final Fantasy XIV by Speaker's Network here on YouTube. They do a fabulous job of describing the events I mentioned above, and why it all came to pass.

    I have seen End of an Era hundreds of times, and I get chills every, single time. Like you said, the video tells such an immersive story that carries such an emotional tone and message. The way the music coincides with and carries through certain events in the video is brilliant. The details, the imagery of the struggles of the world's inhabitants, and the sacrifice made by Louisoix (the mage trying to stop the dragon Bahamut), makes me so emotional. This video is, and forever will be, a masterpiece.

  5. "Is this the apocalypse?"

    Pretty much. The original launch of FF14 was so bad that the the game almost failed completely. So when Yoshi P was brought in to oversee the project, he worked to try and make it playable while also working on a sequel (A Realm Reborn) that would completely replace it, since the original was so broken it couldn't really be totally fixed. So they had an apocalyptic event that ended the storyline of FF14, and then launched A Realm Reborn, which picked up the story in the new world, trying to rebuild.

  6. Each cinematic from Final Fantasy XIV is sort of an intro movie that recaps the end of the previous expansion's story. The character that you see in each cinematic is a stand-in for the player character. He is normally referred to as the Warrior of Light, though the community affectionately refers to him as derplander.

  7. love the reaction, there a 3 more major cg cutscenes from the final fantasy 14 (xiv) series, several expansions and 1 more cg cutscene coming out this Friday. Heavensward, stormblood, shadowbringers (full cs), and the brand new upcoming cg cutscene ^_^ ty

  8. Its crazy to think that people who played before it was called a realm reborn saw the red moon in game slowly drawing closer and closer. And in the last few days before those servers went down the song played in these trailers was heard in game almost on the wind. When the servers shut down to switch to the new game this cinematic played for everyone…

  9. Since you going to start playing. I'll throw some back story and the lore that came before both this cinematic and the game story.

    There're war goes on from the Garlemald Empire (Those soldier with guns that wearing mask, Clearly bad guy here) and the continent named Eorzia where's home of the players. The Garleans (who has no magic and rely on machine) They are certainly powerful enough to invade multiple continent at the same time, But they were try invade this continent once and fail. This time they goes all in, Calling the Dalamud, The red moon that actually a prison containing the calamity dragon Bahamuth that has been jailed since the ancient time. The heroes who learned the plan and try every way to chain the dragon down again, But failed. So, Master Luisoix (The old man, Definitely not Nicolas Cage) goes second plan on saving as much lives as he can, Use time magic to send everyone to the future (3 Years). The war is catastrophic to both side. And it's not over. Eorzia is resilient and recover in very short time with some scar on the land, While the Garlemald Empire moving forward deep into the continent. And that's where the new adventure begin.

    And here's what actually happen IRL. The old game is so bad they decided that making new one is easier than fixing it. So they wrote this story of the end of the era. Lead everything to catastrophic calamity that destroy the land. Now they have an excuse to remodel anything they want in the game. Fixing problem while making it still reasonable to the story. But more fresh and beautiful as they express in the last part of the new beginning trailer.

    And bear these in mind that they have to make all of it within just 2 years after the decision to re do all the work. So, Even though the first part progress may seems slow especially compare to modern game, Please take time appreciate any nice things you found on the way that the creator manage to put that in within all of the limitation they have. It's totally worth it when you reach a certain point of the game. And people always said this, It always getting better and better over time. That's also why everyone so freaking out with the Shadowbringers. But the best experience are rewarded only from your hard working through the story from the beginning. Like in movies where the story always drop some hint along the way waiting to be pickup and reveal in the climax, This one does that but over 7 years of the game while the story goes like an episodic series that people wait for the new update release every 3 months.

  10. The first video you watched was "the end of the game" shutting down, game over, server are shutting down. The second trailer you watched was the intro to A Relm Reborn.
    Do want to know what happens right after the fade to white cut? Check out Flames of Truth. That will show how the dragon (Bahanut) was defeated. Epic af.

  11. This cutscene is always sending shivers down my spine no matter how many times I watch it. Glad you got to enjoy it as it's such an epic piece.

    A lot of people already commented with background knowledge of it and I think it's not an optional knowledge : knowing the lore behind that cutscene but also the game's history up to that point really gives it all it's body and power

  12. Watching your reactions it was like I was watching you get the chills to certain parts like being awestruck, I hope you enjoy playing ffxiv for the first time and it really is more fun with friends if you prefer playing with friends, but keep in mind that for the most part the fame emphasizes the story portion of the game mainly for perhaps the first 20 or so levels of progression which jumps between voiced and non voiced cutscenes so be prepared to read plenty and also once you're around the level 20 story progression you'll pretty much have a lot of stuff unlocked to provide a variety of content and activities you can optionally do.
    I'm trying not to say anything with much spoilers but all I can say is be prepared for things to be somewhat slow combat wise in the first 40 or 50 levels and you're not limited to just one occupation or combat class after you're at level 10 and does the level 10 combat class quest


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