FINALLY..The New Modern Warfare Update (1.09)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Update 1.09 brings some new changes to modern warfare including new content like GUN GAME, New and New Spec ops! In this …

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  1. Hey guys, 1.09 Brings some cool new updates, including Gun Game and more. Let me know what you think.
    EDIT: ok so this probably was the “BIG” update that we were supposed to receive 😭💀

  2. how do people play this game? I get 100% cpu every time I start even though I change the priority from high to normal?! I get 140fps and because of 100% cpu fps drops to 35fps every 4 seconds which makes it unplayable..

    RTX2060 6GB

    Intel I5 266*k

    8GB RAM

    all drivers are up to date, even reinstalled shaders still didn't work and reinstalled game still the same.. -_- I literally payed 60$ for nothing! if anyone has a fix pls let me know! that would be so helpful :c

  3. unless Activision doesn`t fix the game crash issue for all the platform, (especially PC), they should not bring the big update nor much changes. Its ridiculous that we pay the same price and dont even get to enjoy the game. FUCKING fix the game or let everyone suffer.

  4. 1:04 and thats exactly why im starting to hate cod bo4 and mw they are solid games dont get me wrong but im sick of these bullshit space consuming updates for small stupid stuff thats exactly why i had to delete bo4

    And not everyone has fucking 200mb wifi as well is really costly for most people

  5. what they need to add is infected like what the fuck bruh we haven't had one since like iw or aw. that is the funnest game mode to play at 4 in the morning with the boys. infinity ward please add infected


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