DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. In no way shape or form do I claim to be a pro Mage. I would just like to share my limited knowledge with the Fire community. Thank you.


I’m back with the third installment of the Fire Mage PvP movies. This is what I’ve been working hard on for the past week, so if you enjoyed the film, feel free to thumbs up the video as it helps me a lot and also means I will post more montage/guides for you guys 🙂 Let me know what you guys thought about this one in particular down in the comments as I always love feedback. Keep burnin’ shit!

– Hansol the Pyromaniac

Note: When I was using PoM for Pyro turrets, I wasn’t even using the on use DPS trinket. This just goes to show how OP it can be with T2 weapons.

Saosin – On My Own
Saosin – Is This Real?
Saosin – I Keep My Secrets Safe
Saosin – Fireflies (Light Messengers)

I just want to personally thank Saosin for letting me use their tracks as it’s one of my favorite bands. Their song meanings have truly impacted me greatly. Really brings back memories from 2010. Greatly appreciate their response. Much love.

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  1. gtfo with this.. lol. 350K HEatlh and Pyro crits for 100ks?!!!!!!!!!!! it does the same DMG now in legion, just people have around 2M healthh…………

  2. i miss it so much, that Deepfreeze shatter.
    its like you could sheep the kill target and kill him in one deepfreeze..
    love it.

    so it will be, we have to look forward, without Procc into JawInto Alter , Pom Deep Sheep pyro Reset Alter, into 100k Pyro combust to stun again and pyro.. Haha love it your comp.
    you inspired me so hard to keep it up, so i get 2.4k last season in Mop. Now my alt mates quitt, and its so jard to find mates as a fire mage.

    but i will be back. someday.

  3. 😮 Hansol you're famous now O.o ? Lmfaoo i thought about your name for some reason and im like " Wow i havnt heard of hansol in so long.. let me look up his youtube vids, let me hit him up. " well its Powêr :3 or Killinglife idkwhich one you remember lmaoo ( Feral Druid )


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