FIRE MAGE REBORN GUIDE | An update on the best rotation, legendaries, talents & more in Shadowlands

Everything you need to know about Fire Mage in Shadowlands. This Fire Mage Reborn 9.0 guide goes over the best rotation, legendaries, talents, and more. In this video, I break down the single target and AoE rotation for the spec for raid or Mythic+. OPEN FOR MORE INFO↧↧↧

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What is in this guide?
00:00 Intro
01:07 Best Covenants, Soulbinds, and Shifting power
03:20 Best Conduits
05:10 Legendary items
10:32 Talents
11:42 Stats
13:14 Trinkets
17:30 How to use cooldowns
18:04 Fire Mage Opening Rotation
21:54 Rotation gameplay slowed down
37:00 AOE rotation

Orobos Map Labels:

Fire BiS List:

FIRE MAGE GUIDE 9.0 | One Button Combustion Macro and Rotation Explained:

Assign Focus to Mouseover Macro:
/focus [@mouseover]

Scorch Focus Macro:
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,harm] Scorch

Fire Stat Secondary Distributions Graph

Soul Igniter Macro:
/use Soul Igniter
/cancelaura Soul Ignition

FIRE MAGE REBORN GUIDE | An update on the best rotation, legendaries, talents & more in Shadowlands

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Comment (47)

  1. If you liked this video please consider clicking that thumbs up and sharing it with your friends! I make WoW guides on YouTube and also stream on Twitch. If you ever have any questions, leave a comment or come say hi in stream.

  2. Great video, it answered all the questions I had when I searched for a guide as well as the answers to the questions I should have had but was unaware of.

  3. Finding it really clunky to use Soul Igniter during comboost, saw a recommendation on Reddit to macro the cancel aura side of it to Phoenix Flames – what you think?

  4. great work dude, help me alot to fix my rotation and get better 🎉😁 just one question, when i use the macro it dosnt use the trinket first i mean i hit the button and some times it cast combustion first and them the trinket and this makes me lose like 1sec here, i copy amd used just like yours any idea about why this happens?

  5. Why do you do Scorch – Combust + Fireblast -> Flamestrike -> Pheonix Flames -> Fireblast -> Flamestike. Wouldn't it be better to go: Scorch – Combust + Fireblast -> Flamestrike -> Fire Blast -> PF -> flamestrike to get your 2 stacks up of infernal cascade asap?

  6. If you're super dense like me and the slow motion at 21:57 just isn't slow enough, change the video speed to .5. GAME CHANGER.

    Side note: Hearing him say Hardcast, Pyroblast fireblast fireblast in slomo is freakin hilarious.

  7. I am having so much trouble with the 8 pyro blasts opener. By the end ive only used 7 pyroblasts but all charges of fireblast and PF were used

  8. id like to know a bit more in depth, after combust you cast another rune and shifting power, and next rune is going to be back in 45 sec, before next combust, do i use it there or do i skip that one and cast from there forward only right after next combustion.
    Also how many seconds in general (i know it varies with haste) before combust i start saving my pheonix flames and fireblasts?

  9. First i love ur video, it help me a lot.
    I'have just some problem with aoe rotation combu.. I don't understand x) Do you do the same start like mono ? like : scorch while scorch fireblast, fireblast ( if no crit ) flame, phoenix,fire, flame , fae etc or other ? x) Just a lil help with that <3

  10. Is there a crit cap for fire mages though? This is something i've looked all over for and only found the crit cap 33% for frost mages. Not sure if it works differently for fire mages?

  11. Very good guide, just took a leap of faith and gone from Frost to Fire… hard to so good dps outside of combustion, but at least shifting powers mitigates it a little

  12. Liked and Sub
    Good stuff, I have been away from the game for the last year do to a deployment. Your video really helped me with all of the new changes,,, o7

  13. Hey man, both me and the whole community appreciate your job in helping everyone out, but you're a world first raider and you've known since the start that the correct opener is x2 IB into double pyro, what you're saying right now isnt some sort of "found secret", even if your intentions are good you're clickbaiting people.
    Billy's guide been saying since november that the correct way to open is the one you're saying now to be "WOW 8 PYROS", and im sure that if you raid on Limit you too have done it that way.
    I've always watched your videos and appreciate you helping out but things like this right here is what makes me side with the people that criticize you.


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