Fire Mage: Wolcen Gameplay – Hack and Slash aRPG (Alpha – 2020)

Will Wolcen be the game to take on Path of Exile, Diablo 3, and eventually Diablo 4? This aRPG shows a lot of promise. Here is some Wolcen gameplay, showing a fire mage build.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a hack-and-slash game currently in alpha. Single-player only for now, but the devs are working on multiplayer. Inspired by Diablo 2, with Diablo 1 elements. Release date for Wolcen is unknown.

More Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guides, builds for all classes – Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Crusader, Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard:

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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal, NickTick, Recramorcen, 2hoste, Sarge9017, Levi Jordan

Special thanks: Maia Nashira, Toioiz, Remiehneppo, Neme5i5, Matthew Feiteira, Toioiz, Joel Williams, MONGAS INC., Terry Lee, Valentine Judnich, Lionblade

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Comment (35)

  1. I really don't appreciate how so many of the action RPGs I play feel like I'm gimping myself if I choose a melee class. When was the last time you played an action RPG where you said "man melee classes sure are easy mode compared with the ranged classes"? C'mon devs.

  2. This game is awesome. I hope they speed up a bit the beta phases, it's taking a bit too long but the game is amazing totally worth it. I would love if they optimize it and add options to run it on lower specs for the poor folks like me that can't afford a new gen pc.

  3. Hello, you might not be aware but path of exile has something called pantheon powers, these powers are situational buffs you can turn on and off as you please, one of them is so that your flasks recharge during time. Just a tiny correction in case you did not know. Nice video, I will try this game out.

  4. I can't wait for all the new content they are going to be adding in September 2018. The game has been in late stage alpha for a long time and a lot of the core features are well polished right now. The dev team will be adding online servers, chapters, skill trees, textures, shaders, particle effects, items, monsters, and much more. You will have to start a brand new game becuase all old saves will not be compatible with this new version of the game that I'm hoping is a "full Bata version" that will lead to a release date by next year.

  5. TWO YEARS in "early release" … and STILL no release date. LOL

    That's pathetic.

    I don't even know why I have it in my wishlist in Steam. As long as this is taking, my son will have not only finished highschool, he'd have finished GRAD school, and I'll be long gone from the gaming community.

    … this is why I do not pay for early releases on untested developers. There have been plenty of other early releases that came AFTER, and their games are officially released. LOL

    Now … where is that delete button on the wishlist…

  6. they should have made it an MMORPG out of this , with partys , voice comunication, pvp arena and shit , it would be so cool . Being only a campain game it will get boring after the end

  7. I can't seem to get into any MMO game lately, all of them end up being soloed and I never see anyone playing in parties.
    I'm looking for a more MMOish ARPG, and this one really interest me, but I'm also considering guardians of amber at the same time since I like playing in parties or with my gf.
    Is this another "soloMMO" game where there isn't roles regardless of class and you end up being a potion chugging DPS or the multiplayer (we never see you playing in multi for some reason) is viable/encouraged?

  8. Thanks for doing this video. It was hard to find but it did help me decide to buy it on sale with steam. Look forward to trying the game for each character and testing the skill tree. Looks like a perfect marriage of D3 and POE. Can't wait for release.


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