Fix#4: How to Stop Kodi Buffering with Real Debrid

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Fix#4: How to Stop Kodi Buffering with Real Debrid

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  1. Ok explain why this would stop buffering… Setting the priority lower than the default of 100 means URL Resolver will attempt to resolve the link using Real Debrid first, and fall back to the original hoster if it fails (i.e. Openload, Oboom etc).

    If you don't have the priority number set lower for Real Debrid, it will be a toss-up which resolver URL Resolver tries first. It is just as likely URL Resolver will try to resolve the link through the original hoster as it is it will use your shiny, paid for debrid account.

    So go back into settings and set it to 90, or 95; doesn't really matter. Just lower than the default 100.

    If you have more than one debrid service, for example, you can use these settings to give one priority over another when resolving links.


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