FlashX Ultra token / Shiba token / Akita Token

#FlashXUltratoken#Shiba token#AkitaToken

FlashX Ultra token / Shiba token / Akita Token

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  1. Doge and SHIBA COIN(Doge sister) to the 🐕🚀🌙 I got 8 billion for $100 I double my money already…I feel like a Billionaire 🤣 Vitalik(Creator of Ethereum )owns 50% of the coins. 10.5 K holders with 54K transactions. On Reddit we have a community 2K members. I feel like a 🐳😅

  2. Great Video.
    Can u do more videos on Shib. Am all in Shib we have Telegram over 7000 and Reddit have 2k and on facebook. This Project has Shibaswap coming and doing Charity work with Amazon.

  3. Please please do more videos on Shiba!! We have 1,900 subscribers on Reddit I’ll promote you with the #SHIBArmy if you post more videos! We need to promoted this coin to everyone we know!

  4. I love Akita token,
    If you’ve bought Akita and are worried about staying,
    This crypto will be introducing its ecosystem on May 20th which will be tied into polkadot system, what else? This is when the total supply will begin to burn and will also create a price floor for the token


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