Fortnite Chapter 2 FPS TEST – RTX 3080 Super I9-9900K 32GB RAM LOW SETTING

Buy: This is a followup video that I did to my review of the HP Omen Obelisk PC. A comment was asked on that video to do a test of Fortnite …

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  1. Just FYI. I uploaded a version of this test where I messed up royally – so this is a new version. I had the wrong settings and it was very craptastic! Hopefully this is the correct config to demonstrate the 1920×1080 Low Fortnite settings with the RTX 2080 and i9-9900K processor.

  2. Thanks for showing us the fps and how the game is running. I understand you are not very good at the game but, BUT THE WAY YOU SORT YOUR Weapons…. uHUhH OCD tO tHe mAXX


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