Forza Horizon 5 – Driving Like A Boss Compilation #4

Driving like a boss #4 is my most difficult video to date all about pushing the limits on what you can do within forza horizon 4.. 260mph slalom drifts, backflips into and out of everything and mid-air reverse entries. I’m always pushing myself to be better and I hope this video showcases this!! Thank you for your continued support over the years and thank you for staying with me for 500 videos.

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Frequently asked questions –
Are you on PC or Xbox One? – Xbox One.
Do you use a Controller or Wheel? – Xbox Elite Controller.
What nationality are you and where are you from? – England, North Yorkshire.
What do you use to record videos? – Elgato Capture Card HD60S and Elgato 4K60.
What do you use to edit your videos? – Power Director365 Ultra Edition.
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How long have you been playing Forza? – 9 Years but competitively for 3 Years.
Are you really addicted to biscuits? – HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YES!!!!!
What’s your dream car? – Toyota GT86 with my Intro livery on it.
What do you drive now? – A Dyslexic yet very magical Dolphin called Jeff Jr.
Do you work for Playground Games/Turn 10? – No, But it is the dream. 😉
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Forza Horizon 5 – Driving Like A Boss Compilation #4

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  1. Stunt timestamps

    Toyota GT86 DJS edition: Drifting 0:08
    Hoonigan RS200: Jumping through hoops 0:56
    Hillman imp: epic drifting and barrel roll 1:21
    Mini cooper: backflip and barrel roll 1:37
    Volkswagen type 2: multiple backflips and barrel rolls 1:53
    Mini Cooper: 360s and a barrel roll 2:12
    Hoonigan fiesta: backflip and insane landing 2:38
    Hoonitruck: insane drifting and a flip 2:54
    GMC syclone: barrel roll and awesome slide 3:13
    Lamborghini aventador: backwards drifting and double backwards barrel roll 3:34
    Hoonigan RS200: great jump and barrel rolling 3:56
    Hoonicorn V2: insane 360 jump and dodge 4:24


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