Forza Horizon 5 vs Forza Horizon 5 – Graphics Comparison

Finally it’s here after 3 years since FH4 was Launched, Pretty Hyped To Play FH5!

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Forza Horizon 5 vs Forza Horizon 5 – Graphics Comparison

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  1. What I am interested in (and I am sure there is no such video online) is how it looks on old hardware aka Xbox One. I have an older PC that played FH4 on "Slightly lower than high settings" and I assume FH5 will basically look identical to that on my machine.

    Basically all these comparison videos assume you have upgraded your hardware before buying the game.

  2. Love the new depth effect like when driving through trees it still feels like your out in the open but in fh5 driving through the trees feel like your actually in the Forrest surrounded by trees and especially how trees now gives a proper shadow that reflects onto the car to give it that more emerging feeling like real life

  3. I think forza horizon 4 will be hard to beat, buildings look photorealistic, forza horizon has tons of amzing looking trees as well, we will have to see how they stack up.

  4. Jogar esse jogo nos consoles maior bosta kkk os gráficos no PC estão
    insanos de perfeitos! Nada dessa imagem borrada e erros de baixa
    Nitidez! Agora pagar 399 reais num jogo kkk isso nunca vai acontecer!
    Assim que sair no Torrent e vai! The Fit-Girls eu baixo e instalo! Assim
    como eu fiz com os Forza Horizon anteiriores!


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