Gears 5 Ultra Settings 4K | HDR | RTX 3080 Ti | i9 10900K 5GHz

Take a look at this Gears Of War 5 Gameplay in HDR…..It really adds new character to the game and makes the visuals even more stunning. Intel i9 10900K …

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  1. Hi HDR toggle not working for me win 10 anyone having issues with this? I tried turning manually on off even played around with chroma settings in control panel no luck it worked for me once and now the toggle just doesn't work

  2. It's funny but it barely looks better than Crysis did in 2007. And no, it's not nostalgia, just played through it. Even the close up shots of characters faces have more detail in Crysis, like the skin has texture, pores, etc. that are more detailed, the armor has more detail, etc. Maxed out that game looks better than 99% of AAA titles out today, and runs better too relative to how it looks, despite known for being horribly demanding. Just goes to show how badly optimized modern games.

  3. I'm getting these specs from digital storm plus it's over clocked

    Update I got my new pc it's a beast I can run all games at 4k max settings it's amazing and the OS boost I had done makes windows 10 run super fast

  4. The thing is this game is just repeating same mecanics since Gears of War. I found it terribly boring. And to be honest, I don't appreciate so much their animations, lightning, textures or scenarios.

  5. une claque graphiquement serieux. il faudrait qu'il sorte des jeu d aventure chez Microsoft au lieux de flingue il sont du potenciel cote moteur graphique… jai hate de faire chauffe ma carte sur le même jeu :p

  6. Currently Running on a 9700k and Rtx Aorus 2080 but still stuck with my 75 hz 32inch 1440p 😛 good that freesync works with gsync now thought. Although never drop below 75 in this.


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